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Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Award of Individual Excellence

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2023 YEA Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following YEA members
who have been selected as the 2023 YEA Award of Individual Excellence recipients!

Jeanette Hay
Monterrey Chapter
Personal Development Category

Christine Smith
Lehigh Valley
Outreach Development Category

Elise Backstrom
Central Arizona
Professional Development Category

You’ve spent countless weekends supporting ASHRAE, focusing on your technical accomplishments, or helping grow the YEA presence at your ASHRAE chapter.

You’re known as “that YEA person” around the office because everyone knows that you are heavily involved in YEA, and if anyone doesn’t know about YEA they will after one conversation with you.

You’ve considered altering your birth certificate to avoid turning 36.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to be recognized for your hard work and dedication! The YEA Committee is excited to announce a new structure for the YEA Award of Individual Excellence, which will help recognize the different ways in which YEA members can contribute. The award will be broken down into three categories: personal development, professional development, and outreach. We will still recognize three award recipients – one recipient for each category.

The contributions of these members are critical to the success and survival of ASHRAE, and the committee would like to recognize these efforts at the Society level.


Nominations for the 2024 awards are open through November 12th, 2023.
Nominate someone today!


Please note that nominations must be made by a:

  • YEA Regional Vice Chair (RVC)
  • Society YEA Committee member, or
  • Director and Regional Chair (DRC)

If you or a fellow YEA member meet the requirements of the award, please reach out to your Region’s YEA RVC or DRC and provide them with the necessary information to submit a nomination form. You can access the complete description of the YEA Award here.


This award is given on the basis of service during the preceding Society Year, and nominated individuals for any of the award three categories should exemplify characteristics of YEA leadership and meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must qualify as a YEA member, which is any Affiliate, Associate, or Member of ASHRAE who is 35 years of age or younger at the start of the preceding Society year
  • Serve ASHRAE by holding an assigned position in ASHRAE, at minimum at the chapter level (Board of Governors, chapter officer, chapter chair position, regional officer, etc.) throughout the duration of the previous ASHRAE Society Year
  • Be in good standing (current) on ASHRAE membership dues
  • Participated in a minimum of four (4) YEA oriented activities during the ASHRAE Society Year (includes joint functions with Student Activities and other professional organizations)

In addition to the general requirements listed above, nominees must also meet the category-specific requirements for whichever award category they are being nominated:

Outreach Category:
  • Personally promoted YEA by educating membership on programs and resources available through YEA (in written or spoken verse)
  • Contributed directly to the overall growth and development of YEA (innovative new ideas for chapter level activities, recruitment of new YEA membership, encouragement of YEA members to participate at greater level, development of YEA programs, publications regarding YEA, etc.)
Personal Development Category:
  • Assisted in the planning/organization of at least two (2) YEA oriented activities during the ASHRAE Society Year
  • Attended a previous YEA Leadership Weekend (YLW) or YEA Leadership International (YLI) event or is currently registered to attend YLW or YLI
Professional Development Category:
  • Participated on at least one (1) ASHRAE Technical or Standards Committee
  • Attended an ASHRAE educational course or training

For additional award information and questions, please contact YEA at 678-539-1178 or