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Mentoring Program

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YEA Institute works to offer a variety of YEA-focused education and networking programs, including the YEA Mentoring Program.


The objective of the YEA Mentoring Program is to create a professional partnership between a YEA member and professional member of a local chapter. As the future leaders of ASHRAE, this program offers YEA members the opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of their profession, the HVAC&R industry, and ASHRAE in general. Instead of going through the process on their own, YEA members have the ability to turn to their mentor for assistance, questions or insight. This is a beneficial way for YEA members to grow in their career and develop professional expertise.  Ways in which mentors can help include providing career guidance, helping understand HVAC&R fundamentals, introducing their mentee to ASHRAE members and guiding their involvement within their ASHRAE chapter and Society.

How does the process work?
If you are interested in participating in the YEA Mentoring Program—as either a mentor or mentee—the process is as easy as completing the YEA Mentor Matching Survey. This survey allows your chapter to make the most beneficial matches possible by taking into consideration factors such as areas of expertise, career path/work experience and interests. Once completed, give your survey to either your chapter Membership Promotion Chair or YEA Chair and they will work with the chapter President and BOG to complete the matching process.


Once you are matched with your mentor or mentee, the two of you will select the communication method that best fits your needs, as well as determine how often you will communicate. We want you to make the most of this opportunity, so be sure to find a schedule that is convenient for everyone! After meeting with each other for one year, both the mentor and mentee will be surveyed and can elect to continue the mentoring relationship beyond that one year period.

More detailed information about the program can be found in the YEA Mentoring Program Guidelines and the Manual of Chapter of Operations, Section 15.

Who can participate?
All local chapter members can participate as mentors and any YEA member can sign up as a mentee. If you are interested in participating, complete the YEA Mentor Matching Survey and submit it to your chapter membership or YEA committee.

Why participate?
If you would like to share your knowledge and experience in ASHRAE as a mentor, then this program is the perfect opportunity for you to make a positive impact on someone who may be new to ASHRAE or the industry. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and support to create a future ASHRAE leader!

If you are a recent graduate or already have some experience in the industry, this program allows you to form a relationship with a fellow ASHRAE member who is willing and able to provide you with support and guide you in the right direction. These members started out where you are and can be a great source of inspiration and information.

Not to mention, your chapter can also earn PAOE points for participating in the YEA Mentoring Program!

Mentor a Student
If you are a YEA member, you also have the opportunity to mentor a student member of ASHRAE. Just as you can turn to a fellow ASHRAE member for guidance as a mentor, you too can make a positive impact on the future leaders of the industry. Consider acting as a mentor for:

  • A team working on a senior project funded by the ASHRAE Senior Undergraduate Project Grant Program
  • A team participating in the ASHRAE Student Design Competition
  • Your local student branch

If you are interested in participating as a YEA mentor for students, complete the Student Mentoring Match.