Artificial intelligence (AI) policy: ASHRAE prohibits the entry of content from any ASHRAE publication or related ASHRAE intellectual property (IP) into any AI tool, including but not limited to ChatGPT. Additionally, creating derivative works of ASHRAE IP using AI is also prohibited without express written permission from ASHRAE.

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Video Conference Choices

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  • Desktop sharing with phone/VoIP
    • Most common type of electronic meeting. You can instantly share any file or application on your desktop, change presenters or give keyboard and mouse control to other attendees.
    • Only phone and computer are needed (speakers required for VoIP).
    • Up to 25 attendees.
    • All meetings can be recorded (Audio recording requires VoIP).
    • Microphone required for VoIP (not provided or supported by ASHRAE).

  • Desktop sharing with phone/VoIP and webcam
    • Add a webcam so that others can see who is conducting the meeting.
    • Some webcams have scanning ability to follow the presenter within the room.
    • ASHRAE does not provide or support webcams.

  • Desktop sharing with phone/VoIP and multiple webcams
    • Add webcams to meeting attendees.
    • Multiple IP addresses recommended.
    • Requires large amounts of bandwidth.
    • Not recommended without onsite technical staff.
    • Not supported by ASHRAE.