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2020 IEA Heat Pump Conference

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2020 IEA Heat Pump Conference

  • 26 Apr 2021 – 29 Apr 2021
  • Ramada Plaza Hotel
    66 Tapdong-ro, Samdo 2(i)-dong
    Jeju-do, Korea

Event Details

Energy and the environment – two topics that are always of great concern to human beings. Heating and cooling play a great role in our daily life, we use a tremendous amount of fossil fuels for heating and cooling. When changing temperature levels using substantial energy input, a heat pump is always recommended as promising technologies against climate change.

The 13th IEA Heat Pump Conference will be held in Jeju Island from Monday, September 21st through Thursday, September 24th in 2020. With the theme ‘Heat Pumps – Mission for the Green World’, we aim to address global climate change and discuss necessary actions.

Believing the assessed risk to be too high if the conference were to take place in May, new dates were selected based on the hope and belief that the coronavirus situation will havecalmed down by September but at the same time the submitted papers will not be too old for presentation.

The decision to postpone the event was made by the Executive Committee of the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) based on the recommendations from the International Organizing Committee (IOC) and the Korean National Organization Committee (NOC) of the Conference.

We apologise for the inconvenience!

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