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Special Paper Sessions

International Building Decarbonization 2022 Conference

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Special Paper Sessions

Policies and Practical Tools for Decarbonizing the Built Environment:  Part 1  

  • Decarbonizing the European Building Stock: Past-Present-Future
  • Achieving Limerick’s 2050 Vision: How Digital Twin Technology is Supporting the Drive Towards Net-Zero Cities
  • Evaluating Long Term Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Buildings
  • Assessing Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Decarbonization


Policies and Practical Tools for Decarbonizing the Built Environment: Part 2

  • Energy Codes, Climate Policy, and Federalism in the United States
  • Decarbonizing the UK Residential Sector Through Using Building Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Building Performance Standards – A New Tool to Decarbonize Existing Buildings
  • Earth Observations for Supporting the Decarbonization of Building Stocks


Case Studies and Practical InsightsPart 1 

  • Identifying Reuse Pathway for Building Systems using Physical Reliability and Technological Performance Metrics — the Case of Chillers and their Components
  • HVAC Systems Design and Operational Management Plans in an Interurban Bus Terminal Nearly Zero Energy Building
  • First Actions to Decarbonization of Buildings in the Health Sector: Investigation of their Energy Profile in the Area of Central and Western Macedonia in Greece
  • Energy Consumption Reduction of Commercial Buildings through the Implementation of Virtual and Experimental Energy Audit Analysis

Case Studies and Practical Insights:  Part 2

  • Sky Scraper Approaching Net Zero
  • Insights from a Detailed Energy Audit of a Passive House Building
  • Modular Carbon Capture from Commercial Building Ventilation Air
  • Decarbonization Roadmap for Large Scale Facilities and Campuses

Case Studies and Practical Insights:  Part 3

  • Prudent Consumption: A Systemic Approach for Addressing Energy Efficient Design
  • Decarbonizing the Health Care Sector
  • Decarbonizing the Existing Residential Stock in India: Upgrading RETV through Uncertainty Analysis
  • Decarbonization & the Health Care Sector – The California Example

Solar and CHP Pathways  

  • Integration of Solar Thermal Heating into a Hospital Ventilation Reheat System
  • Combined Heat and Power plus Distributed Hydrogen Production for Building Decarbonization
  • Resilient Electrification of the Built Environment, including Connected, Intelligent and Flexible Capabilities
  • Advanced Microgrids for High-Electrical Energy Efficiency and Power Quality on Building Decarbonization

Embodied Carbon Solutions 

  • A ‘Just Transition’ for Renovations
  • Early-Stage Structural Estimation for Embodied Carbon Decision Making
  • Proper Evaluation of Embodied Carbon in Structures
  • Decarbonization Pathways in Construction Industry: Concrete and Reinforcement Alternatives

Role of the HVAC Systems

  • Unlocking Hidden Energy Efficiency Potential in Buildings using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for HVAC systems
  • Climate Change Impact on Office Building Cooling Demand and Life Cycle Assessment
  • New Objective Climatic Zoning for the Ashrae Building Energy Standard Considering Climate Change Impact
  • Assessment of Decarbonization Analyses of HVAC and Water Heating Equipment

Role of the Building Envelope

  • Operational Characteristics and Performance of Trombe Wall – Design Instructions – A Parametric Study
  • Evaluation of Trombe Wall Construction Materials with CFD Study
  • A Building Resilience Framework: Under Climate Change Extreme Weather Events
  • Decision Support Tool for designing hybrid TES materials for construction applications

Role of Occupants & Other Sectors

  • Balancing Between Occupant Behavior and Design Parameters for Energy Saving in Greek Apartments
  • Setting sail for the ports of the future
  • Role of Water in Decarbonizing Built Environment: A Life Cycle Perspective
  • Water Systems Design and Operational Management Plans in an Interurban Bus Terminal Nearly Zero Energy Building