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Team: Sandstorm Stoppers

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The hardest part in a retrofitting project is tuning energy model to existing building in respect to specific energy consumption per component. Therefore, our work started with analyzing existing building energy consumption in respect to its location, size, typology, and HVAC system.  The challenge was to gather enough information from data provided by ASHRAE and collecting other data such as weather, HVAC system efficiencies, and architectural design.

Our target was to evaluate maximum possible energy generation from PV panel and then work from top to bottom to reduce energy consumption. We analyzed our results of existing building and found out that space heating and heating in general have highest thermal load which then dominates the energy consumption due to building envelope and use of electric resistance coils.

We reduced the energy consumption by 86% using passive and active design strategies without using renewable. Overall, our retrofit building consumes 94 % less energy but is not net zero. We recommend increasing Photo Voltaic Panel area by 100 % to achieve a net zero energy building.

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