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Homer Addams Award

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The Homer Addams Award falls into the cateogory of Personal Award for Specific Society Activities as designated by the Society. For a more complete listing of ASHRAE Awards, see the ASHRAE Awards Program listing.

This award is named for Homer Addams, a founder and past president of ASHVE, which is a predecessor of ASHRAE.  His bequest makes possible the annual award of $5000 and a certificate to a current or former graduate student who has been engaged in an ASHRAE research project within the past two years. The requirement for the award is the publication of a paper in the ASHRAE Science and Technology for the Built Environment or ASHRAE Transactions within the past two ASHRAE Society years (July 1 to June 30) and that were deliverables from ASHRAE sponsored research projects.

In August of each year the ASHRAE Manager of Research & Technical Services (MORTS) identifies papers published within the previous two ASHRAE society years that were deliverables from ASHRAE research projects and where one of the authors was a graduate student who was supported through ASHRAE funds within the past two Society years. In September, MORTS contacts the advisors for each of the graduate students and requests a letter of recommendation. The letter should confirm the student’s role in the paper and ASHRAE research project and provide an assessment of the overall quality of the research and performance of the student, as well as the student’s potential for contributing to ASHRAE in the future. The advisor should indicate the level of the student's participation in both the ASHRAE research project and in the development of the paper. Prior to the Winter meeting, the MORTS forwards the papers, recommendations, and names of the graduate students to the Research Planning Subcommittee (RPS) of the Research Administration Committee (RAC).

At the ASHRAE Winter Meeting, the RPS recommends the name of the recipient to RAC. Following approval by RAC, the name is submitted to the Honors and Award Committee (HAC) for final approval. The recipient is notified and the award of $5000 is made at the following Annual Meeting. Funding for the award is provided by funds administered by both HAC ($1500) and RAC ($3500).

Submit nominations prior to December 15th to ASHRAE Manager of Research and Technical Services 180 Technology Parkway NW, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092 or