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Attune's (C7866) Indoor Air Quality Sensor Becomes the First in North America to Achieve Environmental Claim Validation from Global Safety Science Leader, UL Solutions

Attune's (C7866) Indoor Air Quality Sensor Becomes the First in North America to Achieve Environmental Claim Validation from Global Safety Science Leader, UL Solutions

Virginia company's IAQ sensor that detects and mitigates against the harmful effects of bacteria, toxins and others in real-time receives an A rating for temperature, humidity, CO2 and particle measurements.

VIENNA, Va.,—Attune (formerly known as Senseware), a leader in wireless, sensor-based monitoring systems, announced that its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor has become the first in North America to achieve validation to UL 2905, the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor from UL Solutions.

UL Solutions is a global leader in applied safety science and its Environmental Claim Validation Procedure 2905 for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor Performance evaluates sensors for the measurement accuracy of multiple IAQ parameters, including common pollutants such as total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and particulate matter.

Using advanced IAQ and Internet of Things (IoT technologies), Attune's IAQ Sensor monitors and measures several environmental conditions. Of these, carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity and particulate matter (PM) were evaluated by UL Solutions for their accuracy. When healthy air quality levels are not and cannot be maintained, administrators can be alerted automatically, allowing them to take immediate action to mitigate potential threats. Attune's IAQ system is the only customizable solution of its kind and is designed to meet the specific needs and outcomes of any organization.

"At Attune we believe that IoT products like IAQ sensors should be built for each indoor environment's individual requirements and strive to offer unique solutions for customers that support a healthy indoor space and work towards a sustainable future. By earning the Environmental Claim Validation for our IAQ Sensor, we are able to verify through third-party testing that our sensors deliver accuracy and efficiency in the measurement of indoor pollutants and conditions in real-time," said Serene Almomen, CoFounder and CEO of Attune.

Testing and Validation to UL 2905 ECV provides third-party confirmation of sensors' performance for use in measuring IAQ parameters. Attune's IAQ sensor is not only the first sensor in North America to receive the validation but also got an A rating for four of the claimed parameters (temperature, relative humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and particles).

"We congratulate Attune on their IAQ Indoor Air Quality Sensor for being the first in North America to receive the UL 2905 Environmental Claim Validation for their IAQ Indoor Air Quality Sensor. This accomplishment demonstrates how this product helps their customers with efforts to use data in realtime to pursue better indoor air quality conditions," said Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager in the Retail and Consumer Products Group at UL Solutions.