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Georgia World Congress Center Authority's Mission to Minimize Environmental Impacts of Operations and Events

We’re standing in the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), the site of the 2023 ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo. But this world-class event venue is a prime example of how conference centers, in their own right, can reduce their environmental impact in daily business operations.

As the largest LEED™ Gold-certified convention center in the world, the GWCCA has made a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for every Georgian and put its mission into action by integrating sustainability and corporate social responsibility into all aspects of the operation, Center executives say.

Conserving energy through equipment upgrades and a creative financing solution are all part of GWCCA’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract with Trane, which provides the Center with the building management systems and controls used in its HVAC&R infrastructure. The GWCCA is Trane’s largest such stand-alone project in Georgia and the largest in the country for public assembly venues.

GWCCA composts, donates unused meals, sources sustainable food and has its own honey-producing beehives. It also works closely with internal and external partners to reduce the amount of material resources that are sent to landfills.

That being said, the Center’s sustainability mission does not stop at internal operations.

Getting to the GWCCA campus is easy via rail, bus, rideshare, bike or on foot, and with direct service via two MARTA rail stations, GWCCA is easily accessible.

The entrances of the Georgia World Congress Center feature bicycle racks, for easy and safe storage for cyclists. PATH Foundation off-road trails encircle the GWCCA campus providing connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists all throughout the city, so we encourage you to visit Atlanta when you’re not entrenched in industry conversations with colleagues and exhibitors.

As for parking, each parking garage has at least one ChargePoint dual-port electric vehicle charging station with the entire campus able to charge 26 vehicles at one time.

Along with the LEED™ Gold certification, the GWCCA has also received several awards recognizing its sustainability and CSR programs over the last 10 years.

The Georgia World Congress Center offers both a “Sustainability and CSR Guideline” and a “Water Diversion Guide” online at