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So Many Launches, So Little Time

 From 2020 AHR Today

Companies can make a big splash with AHR Expo product launches, which include some of the products below: 

ClimateMaster (6161) introduces the Air–Cooled Rooftop Series with VFD. The units operate the fan at two speeds, providing maximum energy efficiency and dramatically reduced cost. This line features modulating hot gas reheat, providing humidity control without compromising the temperature setpoint.

LG Component Solutions (6461) offers its two-stage modulating compressor. Stress-tested to stringent reliability standards, the compressor design features improvements made for technicians. It includes an accessible weather-resistant solenoid and 24 V ac connector.

DT Fluid Cooler cooling tower models from SPX Cooling Technologies/Marley (3101) incorporate finned coils that expand thermal performance and permit dry operation during a broader range of ambient temperatures.

Noritz America (515) debuts the new efficient NRCR tankless water heater with a built-in recirculation pump.

International Environmental Corporation (6161) launches direct drive blower coils. HDY/VDY (horizontal and vertical configuration) features and benefits include EC motor, ECM soft-start performance, reduced maintenance and improved IAQ.

Windgate Products Co., Inc. (4247) introduces SURE-LOC Stand-Off Regulators, a dual locking bearing regulator. Single-hand operation allows balancers to choose from 15 self-locking positions, with an optional secondary mechanical locking nut when needed.

The new XE ductless heat pump system from Panasonic Heating and Air Conditioning Group (3761) includes nanoeX built-in air and surface purification technology. The technology disperses OH radicals through the air and deep into fabrics.

Dry All’s (8382) Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology has built-in Tracer Wafer impregnated with fluorescent dye from Spectroline USA. Advantages include no special skill set required to quickly and easily detect the leak point.

NTI Boilers Inc. (5753) announces the new TRX residential condensing boiler available in both Heat-Only and Combi versions. It features the XTRATECH heat exchanger with wide waterways for enhanced performance and efficiency. It does not require primary/secondary piping.

The new INCOTHERM bi-layer polypropylene outer jacket special pipe from Inco Peninsular SA de CV (1133) is made with two layers of polypropylene. Advantages are low thermal conductivity, weatherproofing, impact resistance, lightness, compressive strength, durability and savings in installation time and costs.

AirSept Inc.’s (137) Smart Splice sealing technology is the new flame-free alternative for line repair, service port/switch port installation and more. No brazing, welding or fire spotter is needed.

Nortek Air Solutions (3231) is launching the latest addition to its data center cooling line, a computer room air handler (CRAH).

The all-new ecobee (775) SmartThermostat Pro with voice control is reliable, simple and compatible with most HVAC systems. It comes with a Power Extender Kit for hardwired installation without a c-wire and everything you need in the box for quick and easy setup.

New EasySeal Ultimate refrigerant leak sealant from Nu-Calgon (3143) features Rapid Fusion Technology for a stronger bond and now has the ability to treat systems up to 10 tons (35 kW) in one application.

The new Marley THX In-Floor Convector from Marley Engineered Products/Weil-McLain (3111) provides the same heat reach of standard convectors (expressed in W/ft2). It is recessed into the floor for applications that require energy efficiency of the overall heat envelope without interfering with design.

Navien Inc. (1573) introduces the NPN-199U, a premium tankless water heater that uses a non-condensing stainless steel heat exchanger. It comes in three sizes up to 199,900 Btu (211 MJ), can be installed indoors or outdoors, and is available for both residential and commercial applications.

DuraVent (3331) announces the addition of the UL1738 and ULC-S636 listings to the DuraStack Pro line. Combining the welded-in inner sleeve, the integrated Viton O-ring and the portfolio of DuraStack parts from a single wall to 4 in. (102 mm) insulated allows for mixing and matching.

Wessels Company (1221) introduces a smart style tank system standard on all fixed and removable bladder tanks. This new bracket system includes a tamper-resistant guard mount that houses a pressure gauge and the WessViewTM sight glass bladder monitor.

Atmosphere Inc. (4574) introduces the Vortex Dryer Booster, which features a lint trap, a 220 cfm (104 L/s) motor, and a light indicator showing proper operation. It also includes a security feature that stops the fan and starts an alarm in case of a fire caused by the clothes dryer.

Polybloc USA (4381) has introduced the Vapobloc CV high-efficiency membrane plate air-to-air enthalpy exchanger. The counter-flow design offers energy recovery efficiencies as high as 85% sensible and 78% latent. The exchangers are freeze-proof down to very low temperatures and freeze-tolerant at all temperatures.

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