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Assessing Historical Trends in Key Climatic Design

Assessing Historical Trends in Key Climatic Design

From Insights, March 2022

ASHRAE’s Weather Data Viewer (WDV) just became more powerful. ASHRAE’s climatic data can now be accessed virtually anywhere on the fly, such as in meetings or on the jobsite.

Users can now find, visualize and download weather data from their smartphone or desktop browsers. Previous editions of the WDV operated in Microsoft Excel.

This latest edition of the WDV also allows users to visualize and assess historical trends in key climatic design elements. For example, at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the average annual dry-bulb temperature has been rising 0.5°C (0.8°F) per decade on average.

The WDV features a map of all 9,237 weather stations worldwide, as described in ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals. Users can search for stations or locations to explore visualizations of design-day information, degree-hours to any base temperature, n-year return period temperatures, wind roses (figure 1) and more. Users can also download the one-page PDF summary of all the design conditions.

To learn more, visit weather.ashrae.org.