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What from the 2019 AHR Expo Will Help You in Your Business?

Folks on the Floor: What from the 2019 AHR Expo Will Help You in Your Business?

From AHR Today, 2019

ATLANTA—Every person who attends the AHR Expo has a reason they came, and hopes of what they expect to glean from the Show that will help them and their business.

From manufacturer representatives to business owners, those answers vary.

Bhumika Lathia, a senior sales, technical and marketing manager for IMI TA in Dallas, said she learned more about industry trends that relate to her job, such as energy metering and the Internet of Things (IoT), in an education session.

“I haven’t had a chance yet to tour the floor to see the products applicable to IoT, but that would be interesting and something I’m looking for,” she said.

Lathia said knowing the industry’s trends and what to expect is helpful.

Andrew Ellis, owner of Andrew Ellis Heating & Air LLC from Fitzpatrick, Ala., said product demonstrations, especially with aluminum repair, have been helpful.

“If you just go see the product at the supply house, buy it and take it home, you have to play with it (to understand it). You watch a guy use it (here), you can take it from here, go straight out in the field and do it.”

Ashima Saxena, an electrical engineer-automation for Hoshizaki America, said she has spent her time looking for controls systems and meeting with companies.

“I got to know that there are many more companies over here which are selling good controls systems,” she said.

Saxena said knowing what products are available helps her make sure she is using the right systems for her job.

Abraham Dadzie, managing director for Semeq Ghana, Ltd., said he has seen a lot of heating products that will help him.

“I realize it’s an opening for visitors to see how they can open up their business. I see some of them giving short presentations, and that has been very educating. I think it helps.”

After watching the demonstrations, he said he knows more about the products and their specifics.

Mitch O’Connor, director of operations at ECR International, said what helps him professionally and his number one reason attending the Show is to meet with other companies.

“I think what helps us the most is not necessarily the customers that come here, but it’s the other companies that we have relationships with. As an operations guy, I come here and talk to a lot of the suppliers we buy parts from to build our products.”

His colleague, Jim McKallip, director of engineering, Quality and Technical Services for ECR International, said the crossovers between suppliers and manufacturers that happen at the Show help him.

“This is a convenient meeting spot. You only get on an airplane once...I’ve been coming to these meetings for 20 plus years. It used to be (for me) a display of new products. It’s not that so much (anymore for me). It really is for me a convenient meeting spot to dialogue with suppliers and others in the industry.”

Richard Trench, owner of Mac Services in South Bend, Ind., said he is looking for new equipment and ideas at the Show. One technology has stood out to him for his business’ future prospects.

“It seems like AI [artificial intelligence] technology is merging with the electronics where they’re starting to recognize feelings or emotions towards if they feel cold or hot,” he said of a new technology that caught his attention.

Dan Meiners, partner at Fassett Sales Co. in Bloomington, Ill., said seeing the industry’s new products and his business’ competition helps him.

“Everyone unveils new products at this Show, so you definitely get to see what’s coming out in the industry.”