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Access the Largest ASHRAE Handbook Ever

Access the Largest ASHRAE Handbook Ever

From eSociety, June 2019

The 2019 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications is the largest Handbook yet. Clocking in at 1,408 pages for both the I-P and SI versions, this year’s Handbook is 20% larger than the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications.

The usual growth rate for Handbooks is 3%-5% compared to the previous edition. This year’s Handbook’s 20% growth can be attributed to revised and significantly expanded chapters as well as three new chapters on occupant-centric controls, indoor airflow modeling and indoor swimming pools.

The 2019 Handbook shipped at the beginning of June. ASHRAE members can access the Handbook through the Technology Portal using their ASHRAE member login information.

Sample some of the new material in this year's Handbook

2019 Handbook Sneak Peak: Behind the New Natatorium Chapter

In response to industry demand and the growing number of natatoriums, the 2019 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications will include a new chapter dedicated to the design of natatoriums. A member of TC 8.10, Mechanical Dehumidification and Heat Pipes, explains the significance of the new chapter. Read more

Handbook Expands on GSHP Tech Info

New users will be able to more easily find the information they are looking for in Chapter 34, Geothermal Energy, in the 2019 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications. The chapter was rearranged to put the ground-source heat pump content before the direct use material, which was done based on how the material is being used in the field, said Harrison Skye, Ph.D., Associate Member ASHRAE, who was the Handbook co-subcommittee chair for TC 6.8, Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications. Read more

Data Centers, Telecommunications Facilities Handbook Chapter Sees Another Round of Extensive Updates

Data center technologies change so rapidly that extensive updates are needed on the four-year Handbook cycleThe “Data Centers and Telecommunications Facilities” chapter in the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications was totally rewritten to correspond with the Datacom Series from TC 9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment. The 2019 update to the Handbook continues to follow that format. Read more