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ASHRAE Spain Chapter Hosts Training

ASHRAE’s HVAC Design Course in Action: ASHRAE Spain Chapter Hosts Training

From eSociety, May 2019

MADRID—ASHRAE’s Spain Chapter hosted ASHRAE’s HVAC Design Level I course, marking the second time it has been held in Europe.  

Thirty registrants brushed up on the fundamentals from Charles Henck, Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, a consulting engineer from the U.S., and Rafael Úrculo, a consulting engineer from Spain.  

The course provides participants with instruction that accelerates their transformation into effective members of a design, construction or facilities maintenance team. Attendees gain practical skills and knowledge to design and maintain HVAC systems that can be put to immediate use.

The training teaches a systematic approach to guide a design team to a solution that optimally meets the client’s expectations.

The next scheduling of the course is Athens in late fall.  For more information, contact Steve Comstck.