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Call for Members Announced for Standard 90.2, Standards Reaffirmation Subcommittee and More

Call for Members Announced for Standard 90.2, Standards Reaffirmation Subcommittee and More

From eSociety, February 2019

A Call for Members is announced for the following committees:

SPC 79, Method of Testing for Fan-Coil Units

PURPOSE: The purpose of this standard is to prescribe laboratory methods of testing for fan-coil units to ensure uniform performance data for establishing ratings.

SCOPE: This standard includes procedures that:

a. describe and specify test instruments and apparatus,

b. describe and specify laboratory test methods and procedures,

c. describe and specify test data to be recorded,

d. describe and specify calculations to be made from test data,

e. define terms used in testing, and

f. specify standard thermodynamic properties.

Note: SPC 79 is interested in obtaining members representing the User interest category.

SSPC 90.2, Energy Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings

PURPOSE: The purpose of this standard is to establish the minimum whole-building energy performance requirements for energy efficient residential buildings.

SCOPE: This standard provides the minimum design, construction, and verification requirements for new residential buildings and their systems and new portions of existing residential buildings and their systems that use renewable and nonrenewable forms of energy.

2.1 Buildings and Portions of Buildings Covered
a. One- and two-family dwelling units
b. Multifamily structures of three stories or fewer
above grade
c. Outbuildings
2.2 Systems Covered
a. Building envelope
b. HVAC and mechanical systems
c. Service hot-water systems
d. Major appliances
e. Lighting systems
f. Snow and ice melt systems
g. Pools and spas
2.3 Exemptions.
This standard does not apply to the following:
a. Specific procedures for the operation, maintenance, and
use of residential buildings
b. Transient housing, such as hotels, motels, nursing
homes, jails, dormitories, and barracks

Standards Reaffirmation Subcommittee (SRS)

SRS acts as the consensus body for reaffirmation and withdrawal of ASHRAE standards and guidelines. Under limited circumstances SRS acts as the consensus body for revision of standards and guidelines. As a standing PC, SRS has a continuing assignment to maintain the currency of existing standards and guidelines.

Note: SRS is especially interested in seeking applicants representing the User and General Interest category.

People who are interested in serving on these ASHRAE committees are asked to indicate their interest and obtain the necessary membership forms by clicking on the following link: or by contacting Steve Ferguson at:

1791 Tullie Circle, N.E.,
Atlanta, GA 30329;

Phone: 678-539-1138; fax: 678-539-2138; email: