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Call for Members, December 2018

Call for Members, December 2018

A call for members is announced for the following project committees:

SPC 40R, Methods of Testing for Rating Heat Operated Unitary Air-Conditioning and Heat-Pump Equipment

1. This standard provides test methods for determining the heating and cooling output capacities and energy inputs of unitary air-conditioning and heat pump equipment that is heat-operated (see Section 3, “Definitions”).

2. These test methods may be used as a basis for rating such equipment, but it is not the purpose of this standard to specify methods of establishing ratings.

1. This standard applies to heat-operated unitary air conditioners and heat pumps consisting of one or more assemblies, including engine-driven systems. Where such equipment is provided in more than one assembly, the separate assemblies are designed to be used together.

2. Equipment within the scope of this standard may be classified as follows:
   a. Component arrangements:
      1. factory-assembled equipment employing heat-operated or mechanical refrigeration cycle or cycles (e.g., a packaged unit)
      2. equipment employing a heat-operated or mechanical refrigeration cycle with indoor and outdoor sections in separate assemblies (e.g., a split system)
      3. equipment employing a heat-operated or mechanical refrigeration cycle as a liquid chiller with cooling coil in separate assembly (e.g., chiller)
      4. equipment employing refrigeration cycles and heating functions (e.g., chiller/heater)

   b. Method of providing air circulation through indoor section:
      1. with circulating fan incorporated with indoor assembly
      2. without circulating fan, for use with separate fan or air handler, or with heating equipment incorporating a fan

   c. Medium for heat transfer to or from the outdoors:
      1. air
      2. water (or brine)
      3. evaporatively cooled condenser (cooling only)

SPC 79, Method of Testing for Fan-Coil Units

PURPOSE: The purpose of this standard is to prescribe laboratory methods of testing for fan-coil units to ensure uniform performance data for establishing ratings.

SCOPE: This standard includes procedures that:

a. describe and specify test instruments and apparatus,

b. describe and specify laboratory test methods and procedures,

c. describe and specify test data to be recorded,

d. describe and specify calculations to be made from test data,

e. define terms used in testing, and

f. specify standard thermodynamic properties.

Note: SPC 79 is interested in obtaining members representing the User interest category.

SPC 110, Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods

PURPOSE: This standard specifies a quantitative and qualitative test method for evaluating fume containment of laboratory fume hoods.


1. This method of testing applies to conventional, bypass, auxiliary-air, and VAV laboratory fume hoods.

2. This method of testing is intended primarily for laboratory and factory testing but may also be used as an aid in evaluating installed performance.

Note: SPC 110 is interested in obtaining members representing the User interest category.

SPC 152, Method of Test for Determining the Design and Seasonal Efficiencies of Residential Thermal Distribution Systems

PURPOSE: This standard prescribes a method of test to determine the efficiency of space heating and/or cooling thermal distribution systems under seasonal and design conditions. The objective is to facilitate annual energy calculations and heating and cooling equipment capacity calculations.


1. This standard applies to single-family detached and attached residences with independent thermal systems.

2. This standard applies to air, hydronic, refrigerant, and electric distribution systems.

Note: SPC 152 is interested in obtaining members representing the General and User interest categories.

A call for members is announced for the new project committees:

SSPC 41 Subcommittee 41.13P, Standard Methods for Fuel Heating Value Measurements

SSPC 300 Subcommittee 202.2P, Commissioning Process for Existing Systems and Assemblies

SPC 226P, Methods for Performance Testing Positive Displacement Refrigerant Compressors and Compressor Unit

People who are interested in serving on these ASHRAE committees are asked to indicate their interest and obtain the necessary membership forms here or by contacting Steve Ferguson at:

1791 Tullie Circle, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30329

Phone: 678-539-1138
Fax: 678-539-2138