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Commissioning Process for Existing Systems, Assemblies Outlined in New Guideline

Commissioning Process for Existing Systems, Assemblies
Outlined in New Guideline

From eSociety, February 2019

A new ASHRAE guideline provides requirements for the application of the commissioning process.

ASHRAE Guideline 1.2-2019, Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process for Existing HVAC&R Systems and Assemblies, provides requirements for the application of the Commissioning Process (Cx)  to existing HVAC&R systems and assemblies.


ASHRAE Guideline 1.2 presents an organized, quality-oriented process for planning, assessing, investigating, implementing, verifying and documenting that improves the performance of HVAC&R facilities, systems, and assemblies to meet defined operational requirements and criteria for the facility.

Guideline 1.2 uses the same numbering format as ASHRAE Guideline 0.2, Commissioning Process for Existing Systems and Assemblies, for the for the first three numerals in the section numbering. Sections that are purely process descriptions in Guideline 0.2 will not be used in this document.

This guideline applies to the procedures, methods, and documentation requirements for each phase of the Commissioning (Cx) Process applied to existing HVAC&R systems and assemblies, including:

  • Development of facility goals and Current Facility Requirements (CFR)

  • Discovery and evaluation of available documentation for existing HVAC&R systems

  • Evaluation of the condition of existing HVAC&R systems d. Development of a prioritized Cx Plan, including schedule and budget estimates

  • Development of recommendations f. Implementation of recommendations

  • Verification of completed recommendations

  • Development of Systems Manual i. Training of facility personnel

  • Development of Cx Reports k. Ongoing commissioning (OCx) activities

This guideline focuses on energy use, operations and maintenance and indoor environmental quality.