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Direct Evaporative Air Coolers Methods of Testing Standard Announces Call for Members

Direct Evaporative Air Coolers Methods of Testing Standard Announces Call for Members

From eSociety, November 2018

Standard Project Committee 133, Method of Testing Direct Evaporative Air Coolers, is looking for members, especially members representing the User interest category.

PURPOSE: This standard establishes a uniform method of laboratory testing for rating packaged and component direct evaporative air coolers.


2.1 The scope of this standard covers a method of testing for rating the saturation effectiveness, airflow rate and total power of packaged and component direct-evaporative air coolers.

2.2 Covered tests also include methods for measuring static pressure differential of the direct evaporative air cooler, density of the air and speed of rotation of the fan.

2.3 This standard requires that packaged and component direct evaporative air coolers are simultaneously tested for airflow, total power and saturation effectiveness.

2.4 The ratings resulting from application of this standard are intended for use by manufacturers, specifiers, installers and users of evaporative air cooling apparatus for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial ventilation; air cooling applications; and for commercial, industrial and agricultural processing applications.

Interested in serving? Complete and submit the necessary member forms or contact Steve Ferguson.

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