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First Class of CHDs Featured in October 2019's New Certificants

New Certificants, October 2019

Certified HVAC Designer (CHD)

The first class of Certified HVAC Designer certificants includes 23 people from six countries including Egypt, Canada and United Arab Emirates. ASHRAE's newest certification helps certificants validate their knoweldge, skills and abilities to design HVAC systems to meet building/project requirements to employers, customers and peers. 

The certification launched in March, and world-wide computer testing opened in June. The certification's exam is influenced by a 2018 industry-wide job analysis study with data that was gathered from more than 1,200 respondents from more than 60 countries. 

“HVAC Design is what I do,” says Kyle Koval, CHD.  “It’s what ASHRAE does.  Earning the CHD certification not only is a point of pride, but it also validates my level of specialized knowledge and ability.”

The CHD certification validates competency of the HVAC Designer to design HVAC systems to meet building/project requirements, including load calculations, equipment selection and sizing, mechanical equipment room design, duct and piping design and layout for the development of HVAC plans for permit and construction.

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Tanveer Alam, ASHRAE Falcon

Mohammad Ali Alhemide, ASHRAE Falcon

Mohammed Mubashir Ali

Hassan F. Ali Younes, ASHRAE Falcon

Arash Ashtari, San Diego

Mohammad Bochi

Curtis Bockenstette, Wichita

Abhijith Chandrsekaran Maniamma, Chennai

Nissun Feiner, Toronto

Osama Atef Khayata, ASHRAE Falcon

Michael Richard Knott, Spacecoast

Kyle E. Koval, Johnstown

John H. McGee, Southern California

Mohamed Mahmoud Nasr, Cairo

Robert R. O'Brien, Illinois

Seyed Mostafa Rashidsalehi, San Jose

Anwar Raza Rizvi, ASHRAE Falcon

Gabriel Rodriguez, Boston

Mohammed Saad, Illinois

Ahmad Fadel Shaar, ASHRAE Falcon

Louis Alexander Smith, Windsor

Joseph Stillo, Boston

Roger Tiguelo, Philippines

Building Commissioning Professional (BCxP)

The BCxP certification, an ANSI-accredited certification program, validates competency to lead, plan, coordinate and manage a commissioning team to implement commissioning processes in new and existing buildings.

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Oliver Baumann, Illinois

Charles J. Caramanna, Philadelphia

Anthony Chiarelli

Oscar A. Corcios

Tarek R. Dalati, ASHRAE Falcon

Nick Gingerich, Cleveland

J. David Holtzclaw, Nebraska

Travis McDaniel, Southern California

Sonny P. Perez, Region XIII - Other 


Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP)

The BEMP certification, an ANSI-accredited certification program, validates competency to evaluate, select, implement, calibrate and interpret the results of energy modeling software when applied to new and existing building and systems energy performance. 

BEMPs also qualify to perform As Designed ratings for ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program.

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Simon B. Elsahi, Hamilton

Nick Plaitis, Toronto

Justin S. Shultz, National Capital

Dr. Yuna Zhang


High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP)

The HBDP certification, an ANSI accredited certification program, validates competency to design and integrate sustainable HVAC&R systems into high performing buildings.

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Christopher M. Imparato, P.E., Rocky Mountain

Healthcare Facility Design Professional (HFDP)

The HFDP certification validates competency to incorporate standards, guidelines and regulatory codes as well as unique healthcare facility requirements and design principles in HVAC system design.

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Spencer Crane, Boston

Kian Nam NG, Malaysia