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Five Addenda Published for Standard 147

From eSociety, April 2018

Five addenda for ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 147–2013, Reducing the Release of Halogenated Refrigerants from Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning. Equipment and Systems, have been published and are now available.

Addendum a changes to Informative Appendix A to better define specific food items that may produce atmospheres that are corrosive to the evaporator coil in the airstream. It addresses a more broad view of corrosion protection other than adding coatings.

Addendum b makes changes to Informative Appendix A, Section A2.2.1.1. These changes specify the issues with the causes of refrigerant leaks in systems due to vibration. It identifies two different remedies to vibration issues.

Addendum c addresses guidance for Informative Appendix A relative to vibration
(Section A2.2.3.1) and water treatment (Section A2.2.3.2). These changes are informative in nature.

Addendum d removes a suggested method to remove a potential leak path that is already a requirement in Section 4 of the standard.

Addendum e requires the user and manufacturer to specify and use materials that will address the issue of known harsh, corrosive environments where the evaporator and/or condenser may be located.