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Job Analysis Survey

Input Needed for Developing HVAC Designer Certification

From eSociety, September 2018

ASHRAE will invite HVAC designers and their employers to take part in a job analysis survey for the new Certified HVAC Designer (CHD) certification on Wednesday, Sept. 26. 

The CHD Exam Subcommittee has developed a comprehensive list of critical HVAC designer job tasks. The job analysis survey data will be used by the Exam Subcommittee to develop the final specifications for the Certified HVAC Designer (CHD) certification exam. 

The new certification will be a valuable professional development goal for employees and at the same time help employers identify competent job applicants.

In a 2016 industry need survey, approximately 1,900 ASHRAE member respondents indicated both need and demand for such a certification. Survey respondents who "work with HVAC Designers" agreed (95%) that the level of competence among HVAC Designers varies greatly.

Respondents who “influence the HVAC hiring decision” agreed (81%) that there is a need for qualified HVAC Designers at my company and (82%) that the certification would be a worthwhile professional development goal

The CHD Exam Subcommittee is chaired by Mark Fly, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, who is also a member of the ASHRAE Certification Committee.

For a long time we’ve suspected an HVAC Designer certification would serve the needs of members and employers, says Fly, but the “Industry Need” survey data really hits home just how much need and demand there are. 

“Launching a new certification program is a commitment,” adds Fly, “but we’re confident this is an investment from which ASHRAE members and their employees will benefit.”  

Visit the new HVAC Designer web page and sign up to receive the latest updates on the CHD certification.

What's Coming Up Next?

January 1 Publish exam specifications in CHD Candidate Guidebook

February 1 Open application for the very first exam administration at the 2019 Annual Conference in Kansas City as well as select ASHRAE Chapter locations

May 1 Launch CHD Practice Exam

June 22 & 25 Hold very first CHD exam administration in Kansas City and select locations

July 1 Open application for computer-based testing in the United States beginning August 1 and outside of the United States beginning September 1