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Member Advancements, April 2019

Member Advancements, April 2019

Name, Chapter

Aaron Rasell, Nebraska

Sheung Yu Lai, Hong Kong

Varun Sood, Oregon

Dr. Mike Perez, Idaho

Bryan A. Lord, Southern Alberta

John Ziegler, El Paso

Alexandra Gramling, Inland Empire

Daniel L. Ponxs, Iowa

Randall T. Higa, P.E., Southern California

Robert V. Wade, Rocky Mountain

Eric O. Vieira, Florida West Coast

Meghan McNulty, Atlanta

John G. Reilly, Long Island

Jason A. Borowski, Long Island

Steven Benkovsky, Long Island

Alexander Hochhausl, Long Island

Anthony J. Bikowski, Long Island

Greg Mueller, Long Island

Louis DeSantis, Long Island

Kenny Balci, Long Island

Joseph I. Cosentino, P.E., Long Island

Patrick J. Shea, Long Island

Robert Lorson, Long Island

Joseph D. Bazini, Long Island

James Hanna, Long Island

Liset Cordero, Long Island

Salvatore Ferrara, Long Island

Chad S. Denaro, Long Island

Steven R. Giammona, P.E., Long Island

Richard W. Smith, Long Island

Ken Miyoshi, Japan

Jeffrey M. Robenstein, Idaho

Kara Rousselle, Idaho

Spencer J. Shepard, Idaho

Justin R. Judy, P.E., Idaho

Hugh Staiger, Idaho

Kirk Beason, P.E., East Texas

Tyson McFall, Idaho

Sean Drake, Idaho

Prasantha Raveenthirakumar, Singapore

The requirements are that a Member have the equivalent of 12 Society-approved years of experience composed of an approved combination of:

  • completed education beyond high school

  • work experience

  • and professional engineering or related registration or license issued by a legally authorized body.

To advance from Associate to Member, you must update your ASHRAE bio online, and notify membership@ashrae.org you have an updated bio and wish to be considered for grade advancement.

Tips for updating bios:

  1. Log into www.ashrae.org by selecting ‘Join or Login’ in the upper right corner. Enter your email and password and select ‘Sign In’.

  2. Select ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner of the homepage.

  3. Select the ‘Biographical Information’ tab along the top tab options. Add all educational degrees, work history and relevant professional licenses.

  4. Confirm that your contact information is current by selecting ‘Contact Info’.