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Membership Advancements, February 2020

Membership Advancements, February 2020

From eSociety, February 2020


The following members were approved for advancement to Member grade during January 2020:

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Alexandre L. Kontoyanis, Brasil

James R. Tobermann, III, Mississippi

Matthew M. Lusardi, Houston

Pawel Wargocki, Region XIV-Other

Syed Najib Ahmed, New Jersey

Casey A. Huffaker, Idaho

Sara Robbins, Nebraska

Scott A. Sabol, Champlain Valley

Gary David Walker, Sierra Delta

Pedro G. Garza Campa, Monterrey

Nilesh Chandrakant Deshpande, ASHRAE Falcon

Bryan Edward Hardin, Sierra Delta

Yair de Jesus Balderas Silva, Monterrey

Wa Hei Ng, Hong Kong

Kevin Muldoon, Louisville

Keiron Dharmanash Nanan, ASHRAE Caricom

Paterno Ignacio Ortiz, Jr., ASHRAE Falcon

Tom Simenc, Idaho

KhinMaung Lin, P.E., Singapore

Jordan M. Eads, Rocky Mountain

Zachary Merrill, Idaho

Heather Bell, Gold Coast

The requirements are that a Member have the equivalent of 12 Society-approved years of experience composed of an approved combination of: 

  1. completed education beyond high school; 

  2. work experience; and 

  3. professional engineering or related registration or license issued by a legally authorized body.

To advance from Associate to Member, you must update your ASHRAE bio online, and notify you have an updated bio and wish to be considered for grade advancement.

Tips for updating bios:

1. Log into by selecting ‘Join or Login’ in the upper right corner. Enter your email and password and select ‘Sign In’.

2. Select ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner of the homepage.

3. Select the ‘Biographical Information’ tab along the top tab options. Add all educational degrees, work history, and relevant professional licenses.

4. Confirm that your contact information is current by selecting ‘Contact Info’.