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Membership Advancements, November 2019

Membership Advancements

 From eSociety, November 2019

The following members were approved for advancement to Member grade during October 2019.

Name , Chapter

Joseph P Fong, Utah

Jarrett W Capstick, Utah

Dhirendra N Shukla, Western India

Mark Donald Binanitan Tampis, Eng., ASHRAE Falcon

Carine Georges Saliba, ASHRAE Falcon

Sidney Lynn Smith, South Dakota

Samuel Philipp, Baltimore

Jeremy J Eitreim, South Dakota

Tony Dupsky, Nebraska

Jake Andrews, Atlanta

Muhyudeen Alimi Yusuf, ASHRAE Nigeria

Thad J Kuzma, Western Michigan

Billy C Matowski, Montreal

Lucy Szablak, Montreal

Martin Roy, Montreal

Marc Schuler, Montreal

Arto Doramajian, Montreal

Yanick Bouchard-Latour, Montreal

Miguel Gagnon, Montreal

Hung T Ha, Montreal

Christian Dubeau, P.Eng., Montreal

Anthony N Palucci, Montreal

Chris Lester, Montreal

Kateri Heon, Montreal

Guy Beaumont, Montreal

Genevieve Huftier-Tabourin, Montreal

M. Victoria Gomez Weiss, Montreal

Alexandre Éric Provost, Sr, Montreal

Ralph Frank, Montreal

Louis-David Cerise, Montreal

Frederic Sauriol, Montreal

Matei Maxim, Montreal

Pierre Henault, P.E., Montreal

Mai Anh Dao, Montreal

Jean-Sébastien Trudel, Montreal

Philippe Hudon, Montreal

Daniel Picard, Montreal

Francis Banville Ing., Montreal

Brandt E Fick, Lehigh Valley

Thomas M Hoffman, Lehigh Valley

Vickie Dautrich, Lehigh Valley

Frank Paretti, Jr, Lehigh Valley

Edward L Caulkins, Lehigh Valley

James D Waechter, Jr, P.E., Lehigh Valley

Preston L Roberts, Lehigh Valley

Brian P Keller, Lehigh Valley

John P Gagge, Jr, Lehigh Valley

Mark A Berean, Lehigh Valley

Kevin A Sweeney, Lehigh Valley

Justin Knapp, Lehigh Valley

Michael P Harbove, Lehigh Valley

Bob Bender, Lehigh Valley

Hamza Salih Erden, Turkish

David C Larson, South Dakota

Al L Grode, South Dakota

Gerald S Ailts, South Dakota

Steven D Gaspar, South Dakota

Michael J Hubbard, South Dakota

Jeffrey A Rentschler, South Dakota

Paul D Ronken, South Dakota

Travis J Sichmeller, South Dakota

Barry D Nielsen, South Dakota

Martin E Schmidt, P.E., South Dakota

Darrin L Tille, South Dakota

David L Heibult, South Dakota

Ryan W Van Der Bill, South Dakota

Joshua R Howe, South Dakota

Paul R Doohen, South Dakota

Tom S J Jacknisky, Northern Alberta

Marcus Holland, Jr, Atlanta

Ivan Nikolov Dimchev, Eng., Danube

John F Moore, Houston

Craig M Parks, Baltimore

Nathaniel Alan Hogue, San Diego

Jonathan Henkel, Houston

Bryan E Garza, Houston

Timothy P Griffin, Houston

Kevin Danger Ngo, San Diego

Rigoberto Tromp Eng., ASHRAE Caricom

Atharva Abhay Barve, Houston

Jiajun Liao, Houston

The requirements are that a Member have the equivalent of 12 Society-approved years of experience composed of an approved combination of:

  • completed education beyond high school;

  • work experience; and

  • professional engineering or related registration or license issued by a legally authorized body.

To advance from Associate to Member, you must update your ASHRAE bio online, and notify you have an updated bio and wish to be considered for grade advancement.

Tips for updating bios:

1. Log into by selecting ‘Join or Login’ in the upper right corner. Enter your email and password and select ‘Sign In’.

2. Select ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner of the homepage.

3. Select the ‘Biographical Information’ tab along the top tab options. Add all educational degrees, work history, and relevant professional licenses.

4. Confirm that your contact information is current by selecting ‘Contact Info.’