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New Certified Professionals, September 2021

New Certified Professionals, September 2021

From Insights, September 2021

The following earned ASHRAE certifications:

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Nishad Puthiyaveettil Bhavakunhi, ASHRAE Falcon

Jason D. Denhart, National Capital

Douglas Taylor Keel, Baltimore

Christopher Lim

Jessica A. Lorentz, Rocky Mountain

Mauricio Romero, Florida West Coast

Tao Shen

Xiao Wang, Hong Kong

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Anas Zaidi, India

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Max Colombie, Montreal

Nathan Kegel, Minnesota

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Omar Toufic Abro, Lebanese

Kalib Michael Ainsworth, Rocky Mountain

Abdullah Alchakouch, ASHRAE Falcon

Mirza Habeebullah Baig, ASHRAE Falcon

Edgar Cordero, Puerto Rico

Christopher S. Cossey, Central Oklahoma

Vishal Diddi, Southern California

Fady Emil, Kuwait

Seth R. Gamber, Central Pennsylvania

Brian Grey, Illinois

Mohammad Khalil Haleemeh, Saudi Arabia

Mohamad Jammal, ASHRAE Nigeria

Syed Jareer, India

Emil Eapen John, ASHRAE Falcon

Abdulhamit Kayyali, Qatar Oryx

Mahmoud Khamis, Cairo

Eric C. Maxwell, Southern Nevada

Jeremy Austin McCranie, Atlanta

John Ortiz, Northwest Florida

Michael J. Schwing, New Orleans

Aaron Stidolph, Rocky Mountain 

Name, ASHRAE Chapter

Sarah Bordenkecher, Nebraska

Building Commissioning Professional (BCxP) 
The BCxP certification, an ANSI-accredited certification program, validates competency to lead, plan, coordinate and manage a commissioning team to implement commissioning processes in new and existing buildings.

Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) 
The BEAP certification, an ANSI-accredited certification program, validates competency to assess building systems and site conditions; analyze and evaluate equipment and energy usage; and recommend strategies to optimize building resource utilization. 
BEAPs also qualify to perform In Operation ratings for ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program.

Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) 
The BEMP certification, an ANSI-accredited certification program, validates competency to evaluate, select, implement, calibrate and interpret the results of energy modeling software when applied to new and existing building and systems energy performance.  
BEMPs also qualify to perform As Designed ratings for ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program.

Certified HVAC Designer (CHD) 
The CHD certification validates competency of the HVAC Designer to design HVAC systems to meet building/project requirements, including load calculations, equipment selection and sizing, mechanical equipment room design, duct and piping design and layout for the development of HVAC plans for permit and construction.

High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP) 
The HBDP certification, an ANSI accredited certification program, validates competency to design and integrate sustainable HVAC&R systems into high performing buildings.

Healthcare Facility Design Professional (HFDP) 
The HFDP certification validates competency to incorporate standards, guidelines and regulatory codes as well as unique healthcare facility requirements and design principles in HVAC system design.

Operations & Performance Management Professional (OPMP) 
The OPMP certification validates competency to manage facility operations and maintenance to achieve building performance goals, including those related to indoor environmental quality, health and safety.