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New HVAC&R Commissioning Guideline Published


From eSociety, April 2018

ASHRAE Guideline 1.3–2018, Building Operations and Maintenance Training for the HVAC&R Commissioning Process, is ASHRAE’s newest guideline.

It covers the development of training plans, the assembly and preparation of training materials and the conducting of training programs for the HVAC&R operation and maintenance personnel.

The guideline provides methodologies and formats for developing training plans, conducting training programs and documenting training results for the operation and maintenance of building HVAC&R systems during the commissioning process.

It addresses:

  • the development of training requirements and plans;

  • verification of personnel training needs and results;

  • training formats and examples of the plans training records;

  • sources and development of training materials;

  • methods of conducting training;

  • evaluating training programs; and

  • recording of training.

The PDF download of this guideline presents selected graphics in color for enhanced readability.