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New Name, Updated Information in Commissioning Guideline

New Name, Updated Information in Commissioning Guideline

From eSociety, August 2019

ASHRAE Guideline 1.4 has a new name to clarify its role in the commissioning process.

ASHRAE Guideline 1.4-2019, Preparing Systems Manuals for Facilities, has been updated to make its content consistent with ASHRAE’s current commissioning standards and guidelines. The previous edition was called "Procedures for Preparing Facility Systems Manuals."

The updated 2019 version provides procedures for producing a systems manual as a resource for training, operations, maintenance and upgrading of facilities.The systems manual serves as a facility’s building-systems resource and technical operations manual and contains information and documentation on the building’s design, commissioning and more. The guideline’s systems manual can be used effectively in both new construction and for assembling a manual for an existing building—even if the building is not commissioned.

Guideline 1.4 applies to information from planning, commissioning, design, construction, testing, training activities and operations planning for new, renovated, and existing facilities, equipment and assemblies.