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Obituaries, April 2022

Obituaries, April 2022

From Insights, April 2022

Pradip S. Desai
81; Life Member ASHRAE; Ahmedabad Gujarat, India; joined ASHRAE in 1972. He served on the Board of Governors and as historian and student activities chair for the Western India Chapter.

Dieter E. Grether, P.E.
91; Life Member ASHRAE; Lago Vista, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1974. He was a member of TC 7.6, Building Energy Performance.

Harry R. Hackler
86; Life Member ASHRAE; Madison, Wis.; joined ASHRAE in 1980.

Kenneth E. Long, P.E.
89; Life Member ASHRAE; Lincoln, Neb.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Roy L. Miller
71; Associate Member ASHRAE; Boise, Idaho; joined ASHRAE in 2009.

Robert J. Morris, P.E.
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Hamilton, Ont., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1968. He was the executive board chairman of the ASHRAE Life Members Club. He also served on the Region II Nominating Committee.

Jonathan I. Symko
73; Life Member ASHRAE; Sugar Land, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1974. He served in the following positions:
- On the Board of Directors of the Training and Education Committee
- Region VIII director, regional chair and treasurer
- Regional vice chair of the Government Affairs Committee
- Member of the Nominating Committee
- Vice chair of the Region VIII Chapter Programs Committee
- Member of the Appointments Roadmap Committee
- Director of the Publishing and Education Council
- Director and regional chair of the Board of Directors Nominees 2017–2018
- Representative for the Members Council
- President of the Houston Chapter

He was awarded the Regional Award of Merit in 2010, and the Distinguished Service Award in 2019.

Mashuri L. Warren, Ph.D., P.E.
82; Life Member ASHRAE; Lafayette, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1978. He was a member of TC 4.6, Building Operation Dynamics, and TC 1.4, Control Theory & Application.