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Obituaries, August 2019

Obituaries, August 2019

Paul C. Barringer
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Golden, Colo.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Harry A. Dawson
Life Member ASHRAE; New Orleans, La.; joined in 1944. He received the 50-Year Member Award in 1994.

William W. Fearon, P.E.
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Miramar Beach, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1967. He served as a member and a research subcommittee chair for TC 2.7, Seismic, Wind and Flood Resistant Design,  and as a member of TC 2.6, Sound and Vibration. 

James R. Harnish, P.E.
91; Life Member ASHRAE; joined in 1958.

Ronald H. Kuhlman, P.E.
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Menomonee Fls, Wis.; joined ASHRAE in 1965.

James P. Laughlin, P.E.
95; Life Member ASHRAE; Evansville, Ind.; joined ASHRAE in 1960.

Karl W. Lawson, P.E.
92; Life Member ASHRAE; Lakewood, Colo.; joined ASHRAE in 1964.

Reynato L. Legaspi
74; Life Member ASHRAE; Fairfax, Va.; joined ASHRAE in 1980.

H. Glenn Logsdon, P.E.
89; Life Member ASHRAE; Houston, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1960.

William B. Marshburn, P.E.
58; Member ASHRAE; Madison, Ala.; joined ASHRAE in 2007. He served as the president, president-elect, vice president, treasurer, delegate, alternate, chapter technology transfer chair and chapter programs chair for the ASHRAE North Alabama Chapter. 

Juan Morell
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Barcelona, Spain; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Markku J. J. Rantama
73; Life Member ASHRAE; Espoo, Finland; joined ASHRAE in 1983.

Steven C. Severini, P.E.
55; Member ASHRAE; Atlanta, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1985. He served as secretary and a member of TC 6.2, District Energy.

Edward P. Weatherby, Jr.
107; Life Member ASHRAE; Rowlett, Texas; joined in 1935. He received the 50-Year Member Award in 1985.

James E. Woods, Ph.D., P.E.
79; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Waynesboro, Va.; joined ASHRAE in 1963. He served as a:

  • Board-elected alternate for the Nominating Committee

  • Chair, research subcommittee chair and member of the Environmental Health Committee

  • Member of the Standards Committee

  • Board of Directors Ex-Officio of the Chapter Programs Committee

  • Director-at-Large and member of the Board of Directors

  • Member of the President-Elect Advisory Committee 

  • Member of the Presidential Ad Hoc Homeland Security Committee

  • Member of the Foundation Trustees

  • Chair of the 2002-2003 Presidential Ad Hoc Committee for Building Health and Safety Under Extraordinary Incidents

  • Chair of the 2001-2002 Presidential Study Group on Health and Safety Under Extraordinary Incidents

  • Member of the 2000-2001 Health Impacts Implementation Ad Hoc Committee

  • Member of the Technology Council 

  • Member of the ASHRAE Learning Institute Board of Trustees

  • Member of the Publication and education Council

  • Member of the IAQ '97 Steering Committee

  • Member of the IAQ '93 Steering Committee

  • Member of the IAQ '91 Steering Committee

  • The ASHRAE Representative to US Green Building Council

  • Member of TG9 (TC 9.5) Residential and Small Building Applications

  • Presidential Representative of the Steering Committee of The Infrastructure Security Partnership

  • Chair of the Presidential Study Group and Ad Hoc Committee on Building Health and Safety Under Extraordinary Incidents

  • Member of TG1.GLE (TC 1.7) General Legal Education

  • Member of the Continuing Education Committee

  • Member of GPC 10, Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Chair of the Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Proposed Scope of Indoor Air Quality Activities

  • Member of SPC 129P, Ventilation Effectiveness

  • Member of TC 2.3, Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal

  • Chair of Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Legionnaire's Disease

  • Chair of  SPC 62, Ventilation Requirements for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

  • Program subcommittee chair and member of TC 4.3, Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration

  • Chair, vice chair and member of the Program Committee

  • Chair and member of TC 2.1, Physiology and Human Environment

  • Member of TC 5.4, Industrial Air Cleaning

  • Chair and member of TC 9.2, Industrial Air Conditioning

  • Member of the Standards Reaffirmation Subcommittee

  • Member of GPC 29-2009, Guideline for the Risk Management of Public Health and Safety in Buildings

  • Member of GPC 10P(x), Interactions Affecting the Achievement of Acceptable Indoor Environments

  • Member of SSPC 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

  • Chair and member of TRG7.UFAD (underfloor air distribution systems)

He won the following awards from ASHRAE:

  • Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2013

  • The Distinguished Service Award in 1988

  • Ralph G. Nevins Award in 1988

  • Fellow Award in 1992

  • Presidential Citation of Honor in 1982

  • Best Paper and Best Paper of the Decade in 1981 and 1987

James W. Young
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Bellwood, Ill.; joined in 1946. He received the 50-Year Member Award in 1996.

Dave Zorr
60; Student Member ASHRAE; Tucson, Ariz; joined ASHRAE in 2017.