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Obituaries, August 2023

Obituaries, August 2023

From Insights, August 2023

Daniel Atkins

48; Associate Member ASHRAE; Louisville, Ky.; joined ASHRAE in 2020.


Yu-Fung Chow

72; Life Member ASHRAE; Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong; joined ASHRAE in 1978.


Mino Covo

90; Life Member ASHRAE; Buenos Aires, Argentina; joined ASHRAE in 1972.


Rayford L. Cresswell

82; Life Member ASHRAE; Blakely, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1980.


Darren Dageforde, P.E.

58; Member ASHRAE; Blair, Neb.; joined ASHRAE in 1998.


J. Kenneth Jack, P.E.

86; Life Member ASHRAE; Memphis, Tenn.; joined ASHRAE in 1967. He served on the Board of Governors for the ASHRAE Memphis Chapter.


James K. Johnstone, P.E.

87; Life Member ASHRAE; Whitby, Ont., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1967.


Paul A. Morin

74; Life Member ASHRAE; Cornwall, Ont., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1977.


Arie P. Munts

92; Life Member ASHRAE; Vernon, B.C., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1966.


Dr. Herman H. Nijhuis, P.E.

91; Life Member ASHRAE; Kirkland, Wash.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.


Martin L. Nuetzel, P.E.      543726

77; Life Member ASHRAE; Salt Lake City, Utah; joined ASHRAE in 1971.


Jose Paludi

90; Life Member ASHRAE; Buenos Aires, Argentina; joined ASHRAE in 1978.


Donald Parker

81; Life Member ASHRAE; Federal Way, WASH.; joined ASHRAE in 1973.

Alberto J. Sanchez, P.E.

84; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; McKinney, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1965.


He received the following awards:

  • The Distinguished 50-Year Member Award – 2017
  • The Exceptional Service Award – 2013
  • Chapter Service Award – 2001
  • Fellow Award – 1997
  • The Distinguished Service Award – 1994
  • Regional Award of Merit – 1988


Sanchez served in the following positions:

  • Chair, Honors and Awards Committee
  • Member, Nominating Committee
  • Director & Regional Chair, Board of Directors
  • Director and Regional Chair, Members Council
  • Member, Publishing and Education Council
  • Member, ASHRAE Learning Institute
  • Chair, Accreditation Activities Committee
  • Member, Charter and Bylaws Committee
  • Member, Regions Council
  • Region XII Vice Chairman, ASHRAE Education Committee
  • Chair, Chapter Nominating Committee
  • Chair, Chapter Programs; Newsletter; Research
  • Chair, Chapter Energy Management Committee
  • Member, ASHRAE Standard 90-75, Energy Conservation in New Building Design


Dr. Simon D. Skigin, P.E.

92; Life Member ASHRAE; Buenos Aires, Argentina; joined ASHRAE in 1981.


Robert E. Tetley, P.E.

91; Life Member ASHRAE; Jeffersonville, Ind.; joined ASHRAE in 1971.