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Obituaries, February 2022

Obituaries, February 2022

From Insights, February 2022

Andrew L. Cochrane, P.E.
51; Member ASHRAE; Greensboro, N.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1997. He served as:

   -    Member of the Nominating Committee – Region IV
   -    Member of the Conferences and Expositions Committee
   -    Chair and communications coordinator of the Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
   -    President, secretary and editor of the ASHRAE North Piedmont Chapter
   -    Producer and project committee voting member of SPC 133, Method of Testing Direct Evaporative Air Coolers
   -    Producer and project committee voting member of SPC 143, Method of Test for Rating Indirect Evaporative Coolers
   -    Chair, research subcommittee chair and webmaster for TC 5.7, Evaporative Cooling
   -    Member of TC 7.2, HVAC&R Construction & Design Build Technologies
   -    Member of TC 9.2, Industrial Air Conditioning and Ventilation
   -    Chapter technology transfer chair of TC 4.1, Load Calculation Data and Procedures; TC 4.2, Climatic Information; TC 4.3,          Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration; TC 4.4, Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance; TC 4.5, Fenestration; TC 4.7,          Energy Calculations; and TC 4.10, Indoor Environmental Modeling

He received the following awards:

   -    Distinguished Service Award in 2020
   -    Regional Award of Merit in 2014
   -    Chapter Service Award in 2009
   -    Chipper (Region IV Best Chapter Program Chair) in 2005

Cliff Gills
59; Member ASHRAE; Sunderland, England; joined ASHRAE in 2017.

John H. Golden
95; Life Member ASHRAE; Johannesburg, South Africa; joined ASHRAE in 1963.

Ronald E. Jostol
89; Life Member ASHRAE; Seattle, Wash.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Gustavo Adolfo Aguero Leon
59; Member ASHRAE; Lima, Peru; joined ASHRAE in 2020.

John D. Moody, P.E.
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Wichita, Kan.; joined ASHRAE in 1973.

Harold L. Olsen, P.E.
96; Life Member ASHRAE; Madison, Wis.; joined in 1949. He was a member of TC 6.2, District Energy.

Glenn Y. Suzuki, P.E.
69; Life Member ASHRAE; Honolulu, Hawaii; joined ASHRAE in 1988.

Brad Todd
34; Associate Member ASHRAE; Terry, Miss.; joined ASHRAE in 2012.

Eusebio Vergara
56; Member ASHRAE; Lima Peru; joined ASHRAE in 2019.