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Obituaries, January 2019

Obituaries, January 2019

Forrest Andrews, Jr., P.E.
95; Life Member ASHRAE; Ann Arbor, Mich.; joined ASHRAE in 1971.

Paul I. Colton, P.E.
92; Life Member ASHRAE; University Heights, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1960.

Howard R. Holowitz
67; Life Member ASHRAE; New York, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 1982.

Arthur A. Irwin
85; Fellow/Life Member; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1965. He served the ASHRAE Halifax Chapter as:

  • A member of the Board of Directors

  • President

  • President elect

  • Vice president

  • Chapter programs

  • Delegate

  • Historian

  • Chapter Technology Transfer Chair

  • Research Promotion chair and

  • Membership promotion chair

He received the Chapter Service Award in 2009 and the Fellow Award in 2019.

Vasant H. Jethwa, P.E.
83; Life Member ASHRAE; York, Pa.; joined ASHRAE in 1964.

Barrett M. Lightbourn, P.E., BEAP
66; Life Member ASHRAE; Morristown, N.J.; joined ASHRAE in 1980.

Edward Ian Mackie, P.Eng.
81; Fellow/ Life Member ASHRAE; Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1963. He served as:

  • a Director-at-Large for the Society’s Board of Directors

  • a member of the president-elect advisory committee

  • a Board of Directors Ex-Officio for the Technical, Energy and Government Activities Committee.

  • a member of the Technology Council

  • a member of the Publishing and Education Council

  • and a member of TC 6.9, Thermal Storage.

Hyman Yanofsky
97; Life Member ASHRAE; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; joined in 1955.