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Obituaries, July 2020

Obituaries, July 2020

John C. Andrews
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Portland, Ore.; joined in 1957.

Raymond W. Baker
87; Life Member ASHRAE; Spokane Valley, Wash.; joined ASHRAE in 1968.

Lloyd G. Conn, P.E.
89; Life Member ASHRAE; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; joined in 1958.

James G. Crawford
86; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; joined ASHRAE in 1982. He served as a member on several committees, including:

  • the Society’s Conferences and Expositions Committee; 

  • the Technical, Energy and Government Activities Committee;

  • the 2000-2001 Ozone Depleting Substances Position Paper/Statement Committee;

  • the Technology Council; 

  • the 1998-99 Climate Change Position Paper/Statement Committee;

  • U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 86, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, including:

    • Panel 1: Safety and environmental requirements for refrigerating systems

    • Panel 6: Testing and rating of air-conditioners and heat pumps

    • Panel 8: Refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants 

  • TC 2.5, Global Climate Change. He also served as the TC’s program subcommittee chair.

  • TC 3.8, Refrigerant Containment. He also served as the Handbook subcommittee chair. 

  • TC 7.6, Building Energy Performance. He also served as the TC’s research subcommittee chair.

Crawford  also served on the East Texas Chapter’s Board of Governors. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 2019 and the Fellow Award in 2000.

Bruce L. Davis 
82; Life Member ASHRAE; East Moline, Ill., joined ASHRAE in 1980. He served in several positions in the Mississippi Valley chapter, including president, Chapter Technology Transfer Chair, education representative and delegate.

Merrill M. Ely
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Vancouver, Wash.; joined in 1954.

John W. Evans 
68; Life Member ASHRAE; Tulsa, Okla.; joined ASHRAE in 1981. He served in several positions in the Northeastern Oklahoma Chapter: President, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, membership promotion chair; delegate and alternate.

Lewis S. Goodfriend, P.E.
97; Life Member ASHRAE; Longmont, Colo.; Joined ASHRAE in 1971.

Vernon L. J. Laurin 
100; Life Member ASHRAE; Moline, Ill.; joined in 1956.

Dalton J. McIntyre 
98; Life Member ASHRAE; Ottawa, ON, Canada; joined in 1949. He served as:

  • Nominating Committee Board-Elected Alternate;

  • Board of Directors Director and Regional Chair;

  • Nominating Committee Regional Alternate;

  • Nominating Committee Regional Member;

  • Members Council Director and Regional Chair;

  • Region II Historian;

  • Ottawa Valley Chapter Membership Promotion Chair;

  • Ottawa Valley Chapter Education Representative.

Victor Mendizabal
80; Life Member ASHRAE; Basking Ridge, N.J.; joined ASHRAE in 1982.

Peter O'Mahony
59; Member ASHRAE; Cork City, Ireland; joined ASHRAE in 2017. 

Jose A. Taliercio
68; Member ASHRAE; Buenos Aires, Argentina; joined ASHRAE in 2011.

George M. Wheeler, P.E.
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Manchester, N.J.; joined ASHRAE in 1971.

David L. Yeager, P.E.
85; Life Member ASHRAE; Silver Lake, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1962.

Kevin Zugibe
56; Member ASHRAE, Pearl River, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 2003. He served as CEO of Hudson Technologies.