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Obituaries, July 2021

Obituaries, July 2021

From Insights, July 2021

Donald J. Brady
88; Life Member ASHRAE; Greensboro, N.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1961.

Richard L. Burman, P.E.
52; Member ASHRAE; Mountain Top, Pa.; joined ASHRAE in 2008.

Dean M. Gaffner
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Downey, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1967.

Gabor A. Gazso, P.E.
88; Life Member ASHRAE; Thornhill, Ont., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1968.

John William Goodin, P.E.
62; Member ASHRAE; Suwanee, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1990.

Joseph S. Gottlieb, P.E.
92; Life Member ASHRAE; Newtown, Pa.; joined ASHRAE in 1961.

Michael L. Gregg, P.E.
78; Life Member ASHRAE; Knoxville, Tenn.; joined ASHRAE in 1973.

Jerome S. Katz, P.E.
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Columbus, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1972.
Robert J. Mulvihill, P.E.
93; Life Member ASHRAE; Castro Valley, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1976.
John M. Packer
56; Associate Member ASHRAE; Woburn, Mass.; joined ASHRAE in 1993.

Steve Schira
81, Associate Member ASHRAE; Lincolnshire, Ill.; joined ASHRAE in 2012. He served as the primary organizer of SPC 514P, Risk Management for Building Water Systems: Physical, Chemical, and Microbial Hazards.

Jun Wang, Ph.D.
49; Member ASHRAE; Plano, Tex.; joined ASHRAE in 2007. He served as a member, secretary and vice chair of TC 8.4, Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment.