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Obituaries, July 2022

Obituaries, July 2022

From Insights, July 2022

Donald R. Burden
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Dallas, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1967.

John C. Carriger, P.E.
76; Life Member ASHRAE; Healdsburg, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1964.

Clifford S. Chamberlain, P.E.
78; Life Member ASHRAE; Kirkland, Wash.; joined ASHRAE in 1981.

James C. Coleman, P.E.
93; Life Member ASHRAE; Augusta, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1975.

Dexter (Allen) Crosby, P.E.
72; Life Member ASHRAE; Twin Falls, Idaho; joined ASHRAE in 1990.

Gerald P. Elert
84; Life Member ASHRAE; North Oaks, Minn.; joined ASHRAE in 1967.

Gerald C. Groff
88; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Cazenovia, N.Y.; joined in 1956. He served in the following positions:

      - Member, Historical Committee
      - Board-elected member, Nominating Committee
      - Voting member, Planning Committee
      - Ex officio, Special Publications Committee
      - Director-at-large, Board of Directors
      - Chair and vice chair, President-Elect Advisory Committee
      - Member, Publishing and Education Council
      - Chairman, Technology Council
      - Member, Member’s Council
      - Chairman, SSPC 90.1, Energy Efficient Design of New Buildings except Low-Rise Residential Buildings
      - Member, Education and Outreach Oversight Committee
      - Member, Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on International Standards
      - Chairman and consultant, ASHRAE Associate Societies Alliance
      - Chairman, Journal and Insights Committee
      - Chairman, International Committee
      - ASHRAE Ambassador - Switzerland and France
      - Member, O-ISAS
      - Member, TG Global Warming Climate Change
      - Member, TC 01.11, Electric Motors and Motor Control
      - Member, TC 1.2 Instruments & Measurements
      - Project Monitoring Leader, TC 1.3 Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow
      - Member, TC 5.11 Humidifying Equipment
      - Chairman, TC 6.3 Central Forced Air Heating & Cooling Systems

He earned the following awards:

      - John F. James International Award, 2017
      - Exceptional Service Award, 2014
      - Distinguished Service Award, 2013
      - F. Paul Anderson Award, 2010
      - Distinguished 50-Year Member Award, 2006
      - Fellow Award, 2003

John C. Hall
98; Life Member ASHRAE; Escondido, Calif.; joined in 1954.

Stanley Jarosin, P.E.
97; Life Member ASHRAE; joined in San Diego, Calif.; joined in 1954.

Richard A. Kelley, P.E.
82; Life Member ASHRAE; Little Rock, Ark.; joined ASHRAE in 1981.

Joseph P. Maguire
78; Life Member ASHRAE; Greensboro, N.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1983.

Ian Skellett
56; Member ASHRAE; Edinburgh, U.K.; joined ASHRAE in 1993.

Richard W. Taylor
97; Life Member ASHRAE; Morristown, Tenn.; joined ASHRAE in 1979.

Richard H. Toder
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Ridgewood, N.J.; joined ASHRAE in 1979.

Hector S. Vergara, P.E.
73; Life Member ASHRAE; Pinecrest, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1981.

Clyde N. Williams
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Katy, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1961.

Dr. Leon E. Winget
89; Life Member ASHRAE; Columbus, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1976.