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Obituaries, June 2019

Obituaries, June 2019

Ahmed Aliewa
33; Associate Member ASHRAE; Giza, Egypt; joined ASHRAE in 2017. He served as historian for the ASHRAE Pyramids Chapter.

Charles D. Batson, P.E.
68; Life Member ASHRAE; Little Rock, Ark.; joined ASHRAE in 1977.

Maurice Beaudet, P.E.
80; Life Member ASHRAE; Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1976.

Dr. Ake K. Blomsterberg
68; Life Member ASHRAE; Malmo, Sweden; joined ASHRAE in 1979.

Floyd L. Brown, P.E.
99; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Paris, Ill.; joined ASHRAE in 1962. He served as a member of:

  • TC 4.8 and TC 8.1, which were both Pumps and Hydronic Piping.

  • TC 9.7, Testing and Balancing.

He was awarded the:

  • Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2013.

  • Regional Award of Merit in 1983.

  • Distinguished Service Award in 1998.

Alvaro A. Cadenas
86; Life Member ASHRAE; Miami, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1968.

Walter E. Cash, P.E.
88; Life Member ASHRAE; Arlington, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Ed B. Cassidy
57; Member ASHRAE; Nepean, Ontario, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1985.

Balus S. Chastain
85; Life Member ASHRAE; Greenville, N.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1964.

Gerardus De Reus
90; Life Member ASHRAE; Carlsbad, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1973.

Jeffrey A. Dorini
63; Member ASHRAE; Naples, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1978.

H. Bart Eason
79; Life Member ASHRAE; Saint Johns, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1982.

Stephen G. Ghero
86; Life Member ASHRAE; Norwich, U.K.; joined ASHRAE in 1965.

John G. Holland, P.E.
70; Member ASHRAE; Salem, Ore.; joined ASHRAE in 1998.

Jonathan D. Johnson, P.Eng.
35; Associate Member ASHRAE; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 2013.

Gene B. Martin, P.E.
85; Life Member ASHRAE; Manitou Springs, Colo.; joined ASHRAE in 1969.

Eric Myers
39; Associate Member ASHRAE; Mobile, Ala.; joined ASHRAE in 2007.

Charles M. Othersen
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Charleston, S.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1970.

Philip D. Raglen
77; Life Member ASHRAE; Reno, Nev.; joined ASHRAE in 1980.

Walter R. Ratai, P.E.
89; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Sarasota, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1958. He was awarded the Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2008.

David W. Reid
87; Life Member ASHRAE; Berwyn, Pa.; joined ASHRAE in 1967. He served as a:

  • Member of the Society Program Committee.

  • Region III vice chair and member of the Government Activities Committee.

  • Member of the Refrigeration Committee.

  • Regional member and alternate for the Nominating Committee.

  • Chair of TC 8.2, Centrifugal Machines.

  • Member of the Professional Development Committee.

  • Program chair for Region III.

He was awarded the:

  • Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2018.

  • Regional Award of Merit in 1987.

  • Distinguished Service Award in 1996.

  • Region III’s Iceman Award in 2001.

  • Region III’s Regional Award of Merit in 2000.

  • Region III’s Regionaire Award in 1992.

  • Regional Award of Merit in 1983.

  • Presidential Award of Excellence in 1983.

Sylvester J. Smith, P.E.
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Escondido, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1959.

Eugene Stamper, P.E.
91; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Teaneck, N.J.; joined ASHRAE in 1965. He served as a:

  • Chair and vice chair of the Special Publications Committee.

  • Member of the Scholarship Trustees.

  • Chair of the Presidential Ad Hoc Electronic Communications Committee.

  • Member of the Publishing and Education Council.

  • Member of the Research Journal Policy Group.

  • Chair of the Research Journal Ad Hoc Committee.

  • Chair, research subcommittee chair and member of TC 4.12, Integrated Building Design.

  • Member of the Accreditation Activities Committee.

  • Member of the College of Fellows.

  • Chair, vice chair and member of the ASHRAE Journal/Insights Committee.

  • Chair and member of R&T Committee.

  • Member and subcommittee committee chair of the ASHRAE Standards Committee.

  • Member on the Task Group on Urban Environment.

  • Chair of Section 12 of Standard 90-75, Energy Conservation in New Building Design.

  • Member of TC 1.5, Computer Applications.

  • Chair of Task Group on Energy Calculations, TC 4.7.

  • Member of TC 4.3, Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration.

  • Journal liaison for TC Section 3, Materials and Processes, and Section 4, Load Calculations and Energy Requirements.

He was awarded the:

  • Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2017.

  • Distinguished Service Award in 1988.

  • ASHRAE/ALCO Award for Distinguished Public Service in 2003.

Jerry D. Webb
85; Life Member ASHRAE; Fort Worth, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1972.

Samuel C. Wray, P.E.
83; Life Member; Coal Valley (Quad Cities), Ill.; joined ASHRAE in 1974. He worked on a regional ASHRAE Standard 90-75, Energy Conservation in New. Building Design.