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Obituaries, March 2022

Obituaries, March 2022

From Insights, March 2022

Renn Burling
54; Associate Member ASHRAE; Van Alstyne, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 2018. He served the Dallas Chapter as secretary, webmaster and newsletter editor. He also served on the Dallas Chapter’s Board of Governors.

Jonathan R. Eastman, P.E.
67; Life Member ASHRAE; Vernon, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 1985.

Shawkat A. Ghamrawi
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Hawaii, Kuwait; joined ASHRAE in 1969. He served as treasurer of the Kuwait Chapter.

Danny L. Hall, P.E.
74; Life Member ASHRAE; Kansas City, Mo.; joined ASHRAE in 1978.

Bill B. Hulsey
95; Life Member ASHRAE; Fort Worth, Texas; joined in 1957. He served as president, historian, secretary and treasurer of the Fort Worth Chapter. He also served on the Board of Governors. He was awarded the Chapter Service Award in 2010.

Gary E Johnson, Jr., P.E.
57; Member ASHRAE; Baltimore, Md.; joined ASHRAE in 2017. He served as a producer for Guideline 1.6P, Commissioning of Data Centers.

Donald L. Nurisso, P.E.
78; Member ASHRAE; San Francisco, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1986.

Laurentino R. Punsalan, P.E.
90; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Makati City, Philippines; joined ASHRAE in 1967. He was awarded the Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2018 and the Fellow Award in 2006.

Frederick H. Rohles, Jr., Ph.D.
101; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Topeka, Kan.; joined ASHRAE in 1971. He served as:

- Chair of the Scholarship Trustees
- A member of GPC10P, Criteria for Achieving Acceptable Indoor Environments
- A member of SSPC 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.
- A member of SGPC 10, Interactions Affecting the Achievement of Acceptable Indoor Environments.
- A member of TC 2.1, Physiology and Human Environment.

He was awarded the:

- ASHRAE Journal Paper Award in 2007
- Distinguished Service Award in 2000
- Louise & Bill Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award in 1990

Richard L. Stone, P.E.
105; Life Member ASHRAE; Jacksonville, Ore.; joined ASHRAE in 1965.

Bruce W. Thompson
77; Life Member ASHRAE; Carnegie, Victoria, Australia; joined ASHRAE in 1985.

David R. Tree, Ph.D.
85; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; West Lafayette, Ind.; joined ASHRAE in 1972.

He served in the following positions:

- Member of the Standards Committee
- Member of the Program Committee
- Member of the Research & Technology Committee
- Vice Chair of the Research Advisory Panel
- Chair of the Research Administration Committee
- Member of the Technology Council
- Member of the 1993 ASHRAE/NIST Refrigerants Conference Steering Committee
- Member of SPC 28, Method of Testing Flow Capacity of Refrigerant Capillary Tubes
- Member of SPC 34-89R, Number Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants
- Member of SPC 41.1, Temperature Measurement
- Liaison for SPC 111, Measurement, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Building Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
- Liaison for SPC 116, Methods of Testing for Rating Seasonal Efficiency of Unitary Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps
- Liaison for SPC 124, Methods of Testing for Rating Combination Space-Heating and Water-Heating Appliances
- Liaison for SPC 145, Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Gas-Phase Air Cleaning Equipment
- Liaison for SPC 147, Reducing the Release of Halogenated Refrigerants from Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Systems
- Liaison for SPC 154, Ventilation for Commercial Cooking Operations
- Liaison for SPC 160, Criteria for Moisture-Control Design Analysis in Buildings
- Liaison for SPC 170, Ventilation of Health Care Facilities
- Chair of SPC 116-03R, Methods of Testing for Rating Seasonal Efficiency of Unitary A/C & Heat Pumps
- Member of SPC 116-83R, Rating Seasonal Efficiency for Unitary A/C & Heat Pumps
- Liaison for TC 1.1, Thermodynamics and Psychrometrics
- Chair and secretary of and liaison for TC 1.2, Instruments and Measurements
- Liaison for TC 1.3, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
- Liaison for TC 1.4, Control Theory and Application
- Liaison for TC 1.5, Computer Applications
- Liaison for TC 1.6, Terminology
- Liaison for TC 1.8, Mechanical Systems Insulation
- Liaison for TC 1.9, Electric Systems
- Member of TC 2.6, Sound and Vibration
- Liaison for TC 4.1, Load Calculation Data and Procedures
- Liaison for TC 4.2, Climatic Information
- Member of TC 4.3, Ventilation Requirements & Infiltration
- Liaison for TC 4.4, Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance
- Liaison for TC 4.5, Fenestration
- Liaison for TC 4.7, Energy Calculations
- Liaison for TC 4.10, Indoor Environmental Modeling
- Research liaison for TC 6.1, Hydronic and Steam Equipment and Systems
- Research liaison for TC 6.2, District Energy
- Research liaison for TC 6.3, Central Forced Air Heating and Cooling Systems
- Research liaison for TC 6.5, Radiant Heating and Cooling
- Research liaison for TC 6.6, Service Water Heating Systems
- Research liaison for TC 6.7, Solar and Other Renewable Energies
- Research liaison for TC 6.8, Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications
- Research liaison for TC 6.9, Thermal Storage
- Research liaison for TC 6.10, Fuels and Combustion
- Member of TC 6.3, Central Forced Air Heating and Cooling
- Member of TC 7.3, Operation, Maintenance and Cost Management
- Chair of TC 7.6, Unitary Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

He was awarded the Fellow Award in 2005 and the E. K. Campbell Award of Merit in 2000.

Christopher C. Turner
71; Life Member ASHRAE; Constantia, South Africa; joined ASHRAE in 1981.

Phillip E. Wilson
73; Life Member ASHRAE; Columbia, S.C.; joined ASHRAE in 1986.