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Obituaries, May 2022

Obituaries, May 2022

From Insights, May 2022

Rodger G. Bekooy, P.E.
80; Life Member ASHRAE; Portland, Or.; joined ASHRAE in 1970. He was a member of TC 6.8, Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications.

Daniel L. Cranford
31; Associate Member ASHRAE; Edmond, Okla.; joined ASHRAE in 2020.

Alfred C. Eynon, P.E.
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Fort Wayne, Ind.; joined ASHRAE in 1969.

Rob Falke
67; Member ASHRAE; Avon Lake, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 2001. He served as chair of SSPC 221, Test Method to Field-Measure and Score the Cooling and Heating Performance of an Installed Unitary HVAC System.

John C. Hudson, P.E.
86; Life Member ASHRAE; Sardis, Miss.; joined ASHRAE in 1961.

Resolution Commending the Life and Work of John Clark Hudson, Jr. - ASHRAE Memphis Chapter

Michael R. Kane
75; Life Member ASHRAE; Lees Summit, Mo.; joined ASHRAE in 1984. He has served as the president, vice president and treasurer of the ASHRAE Kansas City Chapter.

Robert A. Martini, P.E.
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Wayzata, Minn.; joined ASHRAE in 1969. He served as vice chair of the Region VI Membership Promotion Committee. He received the Regional Award of Merit in 1993.

Paul H. Meiers, P.E.
77; Member ASHRAE; N. Kansas City, Mo.; joined ASHRAE in 1995.

Lorne S. Mitchell, P.Eng
93; Life Member ASHRAE; Collingwood, Ont., Canada; joined in 1955.

Allen B. Morain
87; Life Member ASHRAE; Norman, Okla.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

John R. Patterson
94; Life Member ASHRAE; Dayton, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1960.

Archie D. Reid
91; Life Member ASHRAE; Olympia, Wash.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Anand K. Seth, P.E.
76; Life Member ASHRAE; North Reading, Mass.; joined ASHRAE in 1971. He received the Distinguished Service Award in 2016 and the Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2021. He served in the following positions:

- Member, Section 9 Head, Technical Activities Committee
- Member, IAQ 2004 Conference Ad Hoc Steering Committee
- Chair, TC 9.8, Large Building Air-Conditioning Applications
- Project Committee Voting Member, Producer, SPC 227, Passive Building Design Standard
- Project Subcommittee Voting Member, Designer-Natural Ventilation Subcommittee; Project Committee Voting Member-HVAC Subcommittee, SSPC 170, Ventilation of Health Care Facilities
- Designer, SSPC 189.3, Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable High-Performance Health Care Facilities
- Project Committee Voting Member, GPC 4-1993R(X), Preparation of Operating and Maintenance Documentation for Building Systems
- Member, TC 3.6, Water Treatment
- Member, TC 7.3, Operation, Maintenance and Cost Management
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.2, Industrial Air Conditioning and Ventilation
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.3, Transportation Air Conditioning
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.4, Justice Facilities
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.5, Residential and Small Business Applications
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.6, Healthcare Facilities
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.7, Educational Facilities
- TAC Section Head, Chairman, TC 9.8, Large Building Air-Conditioning Applications
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.10, Laboratory Systems
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.11, Clean Spaces
- TAC Section Head, TC 9.12, Tall Buildings