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Obituaries, November 2023

Obituaries, November 2023

From Insights, November 2023


Ivan W. Chute

92; Life Member ASHRAE; Phoenix, Ariz.; joined ASHRAE in 1968.


R. Edward Davis, P.E.

66; Life Member ASHRAE; San Jose, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1983. He served in the following positions for the ASHRAE Triangle Chapter:

  • Webmaster
  • Administrator
  • Electronic Communications Chair
  • Homepage Editor
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Membership Promotion Chair

Thomas Determan, P.E.

89; Life Member ASHRAE; Warr Acres, Okla.; joined ASHRAE in 1964. He served on the Board of Governors and Tech Energy & Govt. Activities for the ASHRAE Central Oklahoma Chapter.


Thomas M. Driggers, P.E.

86; Life Member ASHRAE; Albany, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1972.


Ronald G. German, P.E.

78; Life Member ASHRAE; Denison, Texas; joined ASHRAE in 1977.


Bill Hafferty

64; Member ASHRAE; Hyannis, Maine; joined ASHRAE in 2021.


Andrew Johnson, P.E.

45; Member ASHRAE; Brookfield, Wis.; joined ASHRAE in 2005.


Juan Lagomasino, P.E.

87; Life Member ASHRAE; Miami, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1971.


Stephen Z. Lavoot, P.E.

83; Life Member ASHRAE; Anaheim, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1972.


Kenneth J. Loudermilk, P.E.

69; Life Member ASHRAE; Duluth, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1984.

He served as:

  • Chair and as member of TC5.3, Room Air Distribution
  • Member of the Handbook Revision Subcommittee
  • Vice chair of SPC-200, Method of Testing Chilled Beams
  • A member of TC5.2, Duct Design
  • PMS chair for the development of the Underfloor Air Distribution Design Guide
  • Member of TRG-7, task group responsible for writing the ASHRAE/REHVA Chilled Beam Design Guide

James Melvin           

86; Life Member ASHRAE; Calgary, AB, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1965.


Mason C. Myers, P.E.

92; Life Member ASHRAE; Minnetonka, Minn.; joined ASHRAE in 1989.


Clyde Porter, Jr.

81; Life Member ASHRAE; Gadsden, Ala.; joined ASHRAE in 1979.


Gay Rehnback, P.E.                      

74; Life Member ASHRAE; Virginia Beach, Va.; joined ASHRAE in 1982.


Wayne Schweitzer, P.E.

74; Life Member ASHRAE; Sugar Hill, Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1974. He served as the President of the ASHRAE Atlanta Chapter as well as Education Committee Chair of the Environmental Health Committee. He received the following awards:

  • Presidential Award of Excellence, 1990-1991
  • Mechanical Engineering Award of Excellence, 1986
  • Mechanical Engineering Award of Excellence, 1984