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Obituaries, October 2021

Obituaries, October 2021

From Insights, October 2021

Wallace H. Frick
99; Life Member ASHRAE; Columbia Station, Ohio; joined in 1957.

Ricardo D. Inniss, C.Eng
65; Member ASHRAE; London, U.K.; joined ASHRAE in 2002.

Paul J. Jacqmin
91; Life Member ASHRAE; Brussels, Belgium; joined ASHRAE in 1977.

Colin M. Kelly
75; Life Member ASHRAE; Ridgeview, South Africa; joined ASHRAE in 1984.

George F. Kruggel, P.E.
89; Life Member ASHRAE; Holland, Mich.; joined in 1955.

Petrus J. L. Naude, P.E.
74; Life Member ASHRAE; Pretoria, South Africa; joined ASHRAE in 1982.

Chaya J. Romano, P.E.
93; Life Member ASHRAE; Brooklyn, N.Y.; joined in 1958.

William A. Sigman, P.E.
93; Life Member ASHRAE; Indianapolis, Ind.; joined in 1950. He served as president of the Central Indiana Chapter and was awarded the Award for Distinguished Public Service in 2015 and the 50-year Member Award in 1999.

Saib M. Tappouni
84; Life Member ASHRAE; Tampa, Fla.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Maurice W. Wildin, Ph.D.
86; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Oro Valley, Ariz.; joined ASHRAE in 1974.

He served in the following positions:
- Member of the Accreditation Activities Committee.
- Member of the Program Committee.
- Member of TC 6.8, Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications.
- Member of TC 6.9, Thermal Storage.

He was awarded the Fellow Award in 1996.

Zbigniew A. Zwierz, P.E.
85; Life Member ASHRAE; Long Island City, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 1979.