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Obituaries, October 2022

Obituaries, October 2022

From Insights, October 2022

Timothy P. Jeansonne, P.E.

55; Member ASHRAE; Mount Airy, Md.; joined ASHRAE in 1992.


Essam Eldin Khalil, Ph.D.

74; Fellow Member ASHRAE; Cairo, Egypt; joined ASHRAE in 1995.


He served in the following positions:

  • Board-elected Member, Nominating Committee
  • CIS/ILS/ISAS, Standards Committee
  • BOD Ex-Officio, Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
  • BOD Ex-Officio; Chair, Honors and Awards Committee
  • Director-at-Large, Board of Directors
  • Member, Historical Committee
  • Member, Appointments Roadmaps Committee
  • Director; Dev. Economies Consultant; H&A Chair, Members Council
  • Member, CLIMA 2013 ASHRAE Advisory Committee
  • President; Administrator; Sustainability Chair; Grassroots Government Activities Chair; Research Promotion Chair; Chapter Technology Transfer Chair; Membership Promotion Chair, ASHRAE Cairo Chapter
  • Administrator, Sub-Region I
  • PCVM, SSPC 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy
  • PCVM, SPC 216, Methods Of Test For Determining Application Data Of Overhead Circulator Fans


He earned the following awards:

  • Exceptional Service Award, 2017
  • Distinguished Service Award, 2011
  • Regional Award of Merit, 2010
  • Fellow Award, 2009
  • Chapter Service Award, 2009


Joe W. Robbins

80; Associate Member ASHRAE; Chattanooga, Tenn.; joined ASHRAE in 1993.


John E. Schickner, P.E.

88; Life Member ASHRAE; Cincinnati, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1963.


James D. Shillady

89; Life Member ASHRAE; Roseville, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1972. He was President of the ASHRAE Orange Empire Chapter.