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Obituaries, September 2022

Obituaries, September 2022

From Insights, September 2022

Clifford A. Edge, P.E.
82; Life Member ASHRAE; Southington, Conn.; joined ASHRAE in 1978. He served as president of the ASHRAE Connecticut Chapter.

Richard A. Evans, P.E.
88; Life Member ASHRAE; San Juan Capistrano, Calif.; joined in 1956. He served in the following positions:

   - Member, Handbook Committee
   - Member, Nominating Committee
   - Historian, ASHRAE Mid-Columbia Chapter

Richard W. Ford
78; Member ASHRAE; East Amherst, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 2007. He was a member of the ASHRAE Niagara Frontier Chapter.

James A. Gough, P.E.
92; Life Member ASHRAE; Honolulu, Hawaii.; joined ASHRAE in 1970. He earned the Chapter Service Award in 2017.

Clifford R. Matthews
83; Life Member ASHRAE; Port Moody, B.C., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1967.

Robert D. Murrell
80; Life Member ASHRAE; Suffolk, Va.; joined ASHRAE in 1965.

Carl J. Opatrny, P.E.
84; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Brecksville, Ohio; joined ASHRAE in 1983. He was a voting member of T-CDC-X.

Peter C. Oppelt
77; Life Member ASHRAE; Rochester, N.Y.; joined ASHRAE in 1971. He served in the following positions:

   - Chair, Membership Promotion Committee
   - Member, Members Council
   - Delegate, ASHRAE Rochester Chapter
He earned the following awards:

   - Engineer of the Year, ASHRAE Rochester Chapter, 1991
   - Regional Award of Merit, 1990
   - Presidential Award of Excellence, 1987–1988 

George H. Pinch, P.E.
86; Life Member ASHRAE; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1962.

James A. Scriven, P.E.
89; Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Halifax, N.S., Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1964. He earned the Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in 2016.

Parker Symmes, P.E.
96; Life Member ASHRAE; Concord, Maine; joined in 1955.

Thomas L. Tate, P.E.
74; Life Member ASHRAE; Birdsboro, Pa.; joined ASHRAE in 1972.