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Research Projects for Bid

Long-Term Temperature Change of Ground Heat Exchangers
Is Among Research Projects for Bid

From eSociety, November 2019

ASHRAE is soliciting proposals for five new research projects and three rebids. Proposals are due December 15th, 2019. Projects are scheduled to begin April 1st, 2020.

To access the Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for these projects, click here.

1683-TRP-Rebid, Experimental Evaluation of Two-Phase Pressure Drop and Flow Pattern in U-Bends with Ammonia

  • Responsible Committee: TC 1.3, Heat Transfer and Application
  • Co-Sponsor: TC 8.4, Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment

1780-TRP-Rebid, Test Method to Evaluate Cross-Contamination of Gaseous Contaminant within Total energy Recovery Wheels

  • Responsible Committee: TC 9.10, Laboratory Systems
  • Co-Sponsors: TC 2.3, Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment; TC 9.6, Healthcare Facilities; SSPC 62.1, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality 

 1799-TRP, Validation of Extrapolation of Performance Rating Test Results for Small Energy Exchangers to Large Exchangers

  • Responsible Committee: TC 5.5, Air-to-Air Energy Recovery

 1817-TRP, Long-term Temperature Change of Ground Heat Exchangers

  • Responsible Committee: TC 6.8, Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications

1824-TRP, Accounting for the Barometric Pressure Impacts on Psychrometric Performance Testing of Unitary Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment

  • Responsible Committee: TC 8.11, Unitary and Room Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
  • Co-Sponsor: SSPC 41, Standard Methods for Measurements

1830-TRP-Rebid, Experimental Characterization of Aircraft Bleed Air Particulate Contamination

  • Responsible Committee: TC 9.3, Transportation Air Conditioning
  • Co-Sponsor: SSPC 161, Air Quality within Commercial Aircraft

1852-TRP, Develop Performance Metric, Criteria, and Process to Measure and Predict Speech Privacy in High Performance Buildings

  • Responsible Committee: TC 2.6, Sound and Vibration Control
  • Co-sponsors: TC 2.1, Physiology and Human Environment; TC 4., Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance; TC 9.6, Healthcare Facilities

1865-TRP, Optimizing Supply Air Temperature Control for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

  • Responsible Committee: TC 1.4, Control Theory and Application
  • Co-Sponsor: TC 8.10, Mechanical Dehumidification Equipment and Heat Pipes