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Science and Technology for the Built Environment CONTENTS Volume 24, Number 9, 2018

Science and Technology for the Built Environment

Volume 24, Number 9, 2018

  • Editorial: Future of vapor compression
    Reinhard Radermacher and Minta Martin
  • Statistical analysis of wind data using Weibull distribution for natural ventilation estimation
    Sheng Wang, Yun Zhang, Michael Waring, and L. James Lo
  • A numerical and experimental study of a simple model-based predictive control strategy in a perimeter zone with phase change material  Anastasios C. Papachristou, Charalampos A. Vallianos, Vasken Dermardiros, Andreas K. Athienitis, and José A. Candanedo
  • Impact of structural configuration on the thermal performance of a PCM hollow block wall            
    Yuan Zhang
  • Performance comparison of R32 and R410A in direct evaporative all fresh air-handling units under variable temperature conditions          Yuchen Yao, Zhongbin Zhang, Xinhao Hu, and Hu Huang
  • Efficiency degradation detection for VFD-motor-pump systems                                         
    Gang Wang
  • The extensive analysis of building energy performance across the Baltic Sea region                  
    Daria Baranova, Daniil Sovetnikov, and Anatolijs Borodinecs
  • Experimental validation of the age-of-the-air CFD analysis: A case study                           
    Susana Hormigos-Jimenez, Miguel Angel Padilla-Marcos, Alberto Meiss, Roberto Alonso Gonzalez-Lezcano, and Jesús Feijó-Muñoz
  • Evaluation of regression and neural network models for solar forecasting over different short-term horizons                                              Alireza Inanlouganji, T. Agami Reddy, and Srinivas Katipamula
  • Study the HVAC system photodegradation caused by the low level UVC light irradiance used for coil maintenance and air stream disinfection                                               
    J. Douglas Wolf, Robert E. Kauffman, and Larry D. Sqrow
  • Characterization of liquid refrigerant R-123 flow emerging from a flooded evaporator tube bundle                                                                William Asher and Steven J. Eckels