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Science and Technology for the Built Environment, Volume 24 Number 10 Table of Contents

Science and Technology for the Built Environment

Volume 24, Number 10, 2018
Experimental analysis of mixing ventilation efficiency using a vortex diffuser: Comparison to a lobed multicone diffuser 
Amina Meslem, Pierre Bragança, and Kodjovi Sodjavi

Equipment power consumption and load factor profiles for buildings' energy simulation (ASHRAE 1742-RP) 

Omer Sarfraz and Christian K. Bach

Improved model for calculation of evaporation from water pools 
Mirza Mohammed Shah

Performance assessment of variable frequency drives in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems 
Gang Wang and Li Song

Performance investigation of nanostructured composite surfaces for use in adsorption cooling systems with a mass recovery cycle 
L.Q. Zhu, C.Y. Tso, K.C. Chan, C.L. Wu, J. Chen, W. He, S.W. Luo, and Christopher Y.H. Chao

Supermarket system characteristics and operating faults (RP-1615) 
Alireza Behfar, David Yuill, and Yuebin Yu

Design, implementation, and control of building pressurization to protect occupants from arbitrarily hazardous environments 
Leonard Y. Cooper

A multi-occupants' comfort-driven and energy-efficient control strategy of VAV system based on learned thermal comfort profiles 
Yuli Xu, Sheng Chen, Muhammad Javed, Ning Li, and Zhongxue Gan

Requirements for outdoor air in hospital wards in China 
Fa-Li Ju and Liying Liu

A numerical analysis and optimization of the dynamic performance of a multipurpose solar thermal system for residential applications 
Rigardt Alfred Maarten Coetzee, Aggrey Mwesigye, and Zhongjie Huan

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