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Strategic Guide to Commissioning Now Available in Spanish

Strategic Guide to Commissioning Now Available in Spanish

From eSociety, January 2019

The Strategic Guide to Commissioning has been translated into Spanish.

The guide communicates overarching commissioning goals and objectives in hopes of improving overall building and system performance and protecting industry interests and procedures.

The Building Performance Alliance committee on Commissioning produced the original report. BPA began as a Presidential Ad Hoc committee appointed by ASHRAE President Thomas E. Watson, and completed under the direction of ASHRAE President William P. Bahnfleth. The report was published in 2014.

The guide:

  • provides stakeholders with a basis for understanding enhanced delivery of new and existing building projects.

  • describes the value, benefits and rationale for verifying and documenting that all of the commissioned systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet industry requirements.

The types of commissioning addressed in the guide include:

  • site development and land use

  • construction, demolition, and renovation waste management

  • enclosure (including roofing, exterior walls, openings and ground floor)

  • building pressurization (including thermography and air tightness testing),

  • interior systems (including architectural walls, ceilings, floors/ interior doors, windows, openings)

  • structural

  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration

  • energy systems (including renewables)

  • indoor environmental quality

  • electrical systems and emergency power/generation, smoke control, fire protection, fire suppression, fire alarm, lighting systems specialty processes

  • vertical conveyances (including elevators, hoist ways, and escalators)

  • plumbing, domestic water, and non-potable systems

  • security systems

  • telecommunications, it, audio visual

Access the guide in Spanish. Read the English version.