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Sustainability in Refrigerated Facilities, Refrigeration Systems

Covering Sustainability in Refrigerated Facilities, Refrigeration Systems

From eSociety, June 2018

Refrigerated facilities are an important link in the cold chain responsible for preserving food products from the point of production to the point of delivery to consumers.  

ASHRAE Guide for Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities and Refrigeration Systems provides comprehensive coverage of refrigeration systems and structures to ensure the sustainability of refrigerated facilities.


The guidebook covers the fundamentals for those new to refrigeration and refrigerated facilities while also including advanced concepts in design and controls for experienced professionals involved with planning, designing and operating refrigerated facilities. It was written by Don Cleland, Marc Claas, John Davis, Todd Jekel, Richard Love and Doug Reindl.

The guidebook’s purpose is to introduce methods that readers can use to evaluate the sustainability of design and operational decisions for their own circumstances. It focuses on the tools and understanding required to specify, design, build and operate a sustainable refrigerated facility or refrigeration system.

Providing comprehensive coverage of design considerations and practices, this book covers the latest in refrigeration technology selection through the commissioning of refrigerated facilities.

The in-depth resource covers topics including logistics, product handling, facility layout and location, heat loads and refrigeration system design.

The main chapters include an Introduction to Sustainable Refrigeration and reviews of

  • basics of refrigeration technology,

  • refrigerated facility design and heat load calculation,

  • design of the refrigeration system,

  • control and control strategies,

  • energy modelling and performance analysis,

  • and commissioning.

The book includes access to practical online tools for estimating heat load, coefficient of performance (COP), and engine room energy use, as well as a refrigeration design scorecard.

The hard copy of the book will be available at the 2018 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Houston.