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Updated Publications, November 2019

Updated Publications, November 2019

From eSociety, November 2019

ASHRAE Standard 23.2-2019, Methods of Test for Rating the Performance of Positive Displacement Compressors that Operate at Supercritical Pressures of the Refrigerants

ASHRAE Standard 23.2 provides methods of test for rating the performance of positive displacement compressors and compressor units that operate at supercritical pressures of the refrigerant. It does not apply to the performance testing of positive displacement compressors that operate at supercritical pressures of the refrigerant (for example, compressors that operate on CO2). The 2019 version updates 2014 edition.

ASHRAE Guideline 29-2019, Guideline for the Risk Management of Public Health and Safety in Buildings

ASHRAE Guideline 29 provides guidance for the practical evaluation, design, and implementation of measures to reduce multiple risks in new and existing buildings. It contains qualitative and quantitative methods for management of the risk of extraordinary incidents in buildings. The 2019 version updates the 2009 edition.