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REHVA Announces 2019 Summit

REHVA Announces 2019 Summit

The next edition of the REHVA Brussels Summit will take place 4-5 November 2019. The REHVA Brussels Summit is a professional networking occasion among REHVA Members, REHVA Supporters and Brussels-based stakeholders working in the fields of buildings, energy efficiency and indoor environment quality.

This year’s summit focus is “Delivering healthy, zero-carbon buildings by 2050.” To support the theme, the summit will present EU policies for a decarbonized economy with high performing and healthy buildings. The aim is to discuss what is needed in the HVAC and building sector to deliver on these ambitious targets with a focus on practical implementation. Three sessions are planned.

SESSION 1 – EU policies for healthy, zero-carbon and sustainable buildings by 2050
A new government took over the leadership of the EU. Climate and energy challenges remain. What are buildings related priorities? Speakers from the European Commission will present policy updates impacting buildings and the HVAC sector:

  • Energy and climate agenda of the new European Commission
  • EPBD updates - Smart Readiness Indicator
  • Resource efficiency requirements for buildings and the HVAC sector

SESSION 2 – Building performance certification to bridge the finance gap
We have all the technologies to deliver healthy, sustainable and decarbonized buildings. Still the transformation is not happening. One of the reasons is the finance gap, the lack of trust and common language among building professionals and investors. This session will bring together engineers, building certification organization and investors to share perspectives, followed by a moderated panel discussion.

  • What triggers investors to invest in sustainable construction and energy retrofit projects?
  • Monitoring building quality & performance to de-risk investment (QUANTUM and QUEST)
  • Aggregating sustainable investments, investors experience with energy performance contracting
  • The DGNB sustainable building certification scheme
  • A European voluntary building certification scheme tackling IEQ & real performance (ALDREN)

SESSION 3 – HVAC product efficiency & drinking water systems
HVAC products must comply with new EU regulatory requirements and systems tackling also climate goals. This session will present these from the perspective of leading HVAC manufacturers.

  • Ecodesign updates: space heating boilers and combination heaters Review study space/combination heaters "Lot 1"
  • Circular economy and the resource efficiency requirements in the HVAC sector
  • New EU regulation on Drinking water & a new REHVA guidebook on Hygiene in drinking water systems

Visit for program and registration details.