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ASHRAE Logo Policy

Logo Usage on Member Cards, Email Signatures, Business Correspondence

Member Card Policy This policy applies to all Member and ASHRAE professional certified individuals business cards.  It does not apply to business cards prepared at Society headquarters for use by the Executive Committee and staff.

  1. The name "ASHRAE" and the ASHRAE logo are trademarks of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.  Use of the ASHRAE name and/or logo shall not imply or be used to imply in any way, ASHRAE's endorsement of the member's company, products or other commercial interests.
  2. These trademarks may not be used except as follows:
    1. For an ASHRAE Member Card – a business card outlining only ASHRAE member affiliation, service and contact information provided
      1. The member whose name appears on the card must be a member in good standing of the Society.
      2. The ASHRAE logo and tagline may be used as long as it follows the ASHRAE Logo Guide
      3. No company or organization logo, other than the ASHRAE logo, may appear.
      4. No slogans or other statements, other than the ASHRAE tagline, may appear.
      5. If a business address appears, a company or organization name may be used only in the mailing address and in type that is no larger than other characters in the mailing address and in type that is the same color as the characters in the mailing address.
      6. Information printed on the card is limited  to the following:
        1. Member's name (and grade, if desired), such as Member ASHRAE, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member ASHRAE
        2. Member's Society, regional and/or chapter position and Society year that position is held, such as 2011-12 Regional Vice Chair
        3. Professional titles or degrees (e.g., P.E., Ph.D.)
        4. Member's ASHRAE professional certification designation (if any), such as ASHRAE-Certified High Performance Building Design Professional
        5. Mailing address (home and/or business), telephone, electronic contact information, e-mail, URL (home and/or business)
        6. Member's photograph
    2. For a Personal Employment/Company Business Cards – personal business card indicating professional job title, company, contact information and credentials/certifications provided
      1. The member or professional certified individuals may include his or her member grade and/or ASHRAE professional certification designation (if any) next to or underneath his or her company position/title on his or her personal employment/company business card.
      2. The name ASHRAE by itself and/or the ASHRAE logo shall not appear on the personal employment /company business card.
      3. The member whose name appears on the card must be a member in good standing of the Society in order to include member grade.
    3. For Combination Personal/Company and ASHRAE Member Card – a business card with personal/company information printed on one side and ASHRAE member affiliation and service printed on the reverse side, provided the requirements in Section B.1 (on the ASHRAE side and B.2 are met on the personal/company information side) Business Correspondence

Any ASHRAE member may use their membership grade following their name on business correspondence. Company Email Signature

  1. A member is allowed to use his or her member grade and ASHRAE professional certification designation (if any), such as ASHRAE-Certified High Performance Building Design Professional, within the signature of his or her company email signature.
  2. The ASHRAE logo is not permitted for use with a member's company email signature.

ASHRAE shall not grant or signify approval of any specific engineering project, commercial project or system or allow its imprint, logo or name to be used in any commercial context except where the name is used to certify that the product has been tested in accordance with an ASHRAE approved standard, and including the standard number, nor shall ASHRAE engage in testing or rating of any product. The ASHRAE logo may not be used to imply corporate memberships nor ASHRAE endorsement.

On June 26, 2013, the ASHRAE Board of Directors approved, via Motion 10, that the Logo Guide be amended to allow ASHRAE Certified professionals use of the ASHRAE Certified logo on Personal Employment/Company Business Cards/Resumes. Guidance on use of the ASHRAE Certified logo can be found at

For more information, please contact or see the ASHRAE Logo Guide Document